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Simple things become overwhelming on “Maunder”, the new captivating record from Boston’s ARROWHEAD!

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Boston, Massachusetts’s ARROWHEAD blends driving, emotional music with lush, ambient soundscapes in an effort to create a connection with the listener. Taking influence from both modern and classic ambient and experimental artists, the band strives to bridge the gap between the esoteric and the conventional. By combining artistic passion with technical expression, ARROWHEAD lives somewhere in between chaos and order, and you can literally hear that on their new EP, which we’re premiering below! Serving a  quality follow up to their early 2017 split with FOREVER LOSING SLEEP, “Maunder” is an impressive picturesque recording that showcases ARROWHEAD’s ability to create genuine beauty with a varied, at times abrasive, palette.

Asked about the content of the record, the band shared the following:

Thematically, “Maunder” represents one’s journey through varying states of mind, ranging from the struggle of self-destruction, to the feeling of being lost in your own life. The songs bend and contort to convey a range of fluctuating emotions. “Hearth” begins with a bright, lively, tone, but dissolves into spinning ambience. In “Magnifying Glass”, the listener floats through a melancholic haze, which then blooms into a wash of sound. The EP closes with “Fault Lines”, which begins clearly, but quickly deteriorates into a violent and listless void. “Maunder” uses dynamic and balanced instrumentation to thematically mirror the characteristics of the lyrics. It strives to appeal to both fans of driving, energetic music, as well as fans of droning, heavy ambience.

Pre-orders for “Maunder” start on August 18th via lifeisafunnything label. The total pressing of 200 pieces includes 100 clear orange with black swirl and 100 opaque orange variations that come with download card, insert and polylined black inner-sleeve.



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