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Singapore pop punk rockers TAKE-OFF release new EP “This Won’t Save The World”

It’s hard to fault these guys for sticking to that template since it was bascially what turned other tongue-in-cheek pop punk rock acts into worldwide superstars, and there’s nothing bad about it! TAKE-OFF do mess with the original formula a bit and their new record is a lot of fun! If you love pop-punk in its most organic, pure, no-frills, and carefree form, you’ll heart this. Listen below and share!

Once in a generation, a modest, unheralded album comes along that speaks from the heart to the deep concerns we all share about life. The music within provides a beacon, a guide, a call-to-arms for all who listen. Approaching music like this with an open heart and mind makes the world seem more miraculous, and all but the most casual listener cannot fail to be moved, changed or filled with a new determination to live life with a heightened consciousness. ads
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