Norsk Rakk by Tarjei Krogh
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“Skanking with Norsk Råkk” – Norwegian ska punk rockers share new compilation release

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Norsk Råkk is a rock band from Oslo that has been touring for over 10 years with their ska- and punk-inspired rock music. They are well-known for their great live performances and have a full brass section accompanying them. Their lyrics are in Norwegian, they have released 5 albums to date, and this month, Norsk Råkk are back with their new compilation album “Skanking with Norsk Råkk on Fucking North Pole Records. The offering is a nod to the pioneers of their genre, such as Lame Ducks, No Torso, and Square, who have inspired the band since their early days.

With their signature ska/punk/rock sound and lively horn section, Norsk Råkk delivers a collection of 16 tracks on “Skanking with Norsk Råkk” that draw from the influences of “Two Tone” and “3rd Wave” ska and ska-punk (by the way, go here to check out our special feature on the history of American ska). These songs will not only lift your spirits, but also make you want to get up and dance!

Norsk Råkk’s discography includes 5 LPs that showcase impressive musical diversity. With each album featuring a different lineup, the band has crafted a unique and exciting mix of sounds that has continued to develop over time. It was not until Robert Dyrnes of Fucking North Pole Records proposed the idea of compiling the band’s most festive ska/punk songs that they considered creating a compilation. After a couple of years, the band agreed that the timing was right to summarize their work and draw a line on their period of growth and experimentation from 2011 to the present.

Norsk Rakk by Tarjei Krogh
Norsk Rakk by Tarjei Krogh
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