BAD BLOOD by Mark Miller
BAD BLOOD by Mark Miller

“Don’t be fake” – Scott Vogel discusses new project BAD BLOOD, shares new hardcore releases worth a check

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Just in time for the release of their new single “716 Bust / Bad Blood“, we sat down with BAD BLOOD vocalist and hardcore scene veteran Scott Vogel to ask him a handful of brief questions about the new project and his top picks for new hardcore worth a good listen.

Bad Blood hails from Buffalo, NY and takes inspiration from ’80s hardcore bands such as Warzone and Zero Tolerance (in fact, the band name itself pays homage to Zero Tolerance’s first 7 inch).

The group is composed of some familiar faces in the hardcore scene, with vocalist Scott Vogel (Terror, Buried Alive), guitarists Eric Ellman (They Live, Violent Way) and Mason Hutchins (Violent Way), bassist Greg Vinal (Exhibition), and drummer Nick Terlecky (Violent Way).

Bad Blood’s EP is characterized by fast, in-your-face music and hard-hitting lyrics that reflect the harsh realities of life. Recorded live at GCR Studios with producer Jay Zubricky (Mindforce, Snapcase), and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid) at Dead Air Studios, the EP is set to be a thrilling experience.

BAD BLOOD by Mark Miller
BAD BLOOD by Mark Miller

Having played a few shows already, Bad Blood will have their record release show on April 7th at the Flatspot World pre-show in Brooklyn, NY alongside Outburst, Violent Way, Kharma, and others, followed by a hometown show in Buffalo, NY the next night with Chokehold and more.

Bad Blood’s debut EP “The Bad Kind Decides” will be released on March 31st via Flatspot Records.

I’m so glad you unearthed this new project. “Apology Denied” sounds fresh, hard-hitting and ruthless! Tell us a bit more about what inspired this harsh refusal to seek forgiveness. This jam seems to view any attempt to reconcile or make amends as pointless, so the reason must have been strong.

I’ve just found that in most situations in my life when I’m looking for or asked to give some sort of apology or forgiveness, there is a lot of posturing and empty words. From my experience – don’t be fake, accept the blame and move on.

How about the title of the EP? Give us a quick commentary about the general concept for this offering. Also, how does the bloody spider relate to the content behind these tracks?

I believe the spider idea was mine based off previous work I had seen from the artist. He nailed it and I love the colors he chose, very outside the box but dead on.

The original title idea was just “ the bad kind “ and then I added on “decides”. This was to show that even though most people in the scene are viewed as outcasts and maybe outsiders, we still hold the power within ourselves and the path we carve in life.


Apart from this new 5-tracker, do you have more tracks locked for potential future releases?

We covered a Warzone song at our first show that would be cool to record at some point, But no, we haven’t really worked on anything together since the initial writing of the EP.

Eric is a machine and can knock out HC songs quick and easy when we are ready.

Will you be performing live with Bad Blood sometime soon? Give us your commentary about both April shows and please comment on possible live shows or tours (?) later in 2023.

We played our first show in Buffalo a month back, it was a lot of fun and the vibe was great. Hitting NYC and Buffalo again , both in April as record release shows. I don’t know what the future holds. More shows for sure but everyone in Bad Blood is in other bands taking up a lot of time but when things fall into place we will be doing shows.

4/7 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus w/ Outburst, Violent Way, Kharma, New World Man (Flatspot World Pre-show)
4/8 – Buffalo, NY @ Area 54 w/ Chokehold, Fool Game, Final Declaration, Fatal Visions

We’re always aiming to be a good spot for inspirations, so I gotta ask you for some new up and coming bands we should keep an eye on in 2023. Share your top picks from your current playlists, with brief commentary on each band / artist.

Collateral demo out of Florida is the best thing I have heard in a while.

New Exhibition and Smash N Grab are great, both newer Buffalo bands.

Always waiting for Combust to drop new stuff.

New Never Ending Game songs crush.

The Regulate LP that came out last year I still listen to often.

So much good hardcore is out there, get involved!

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