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SLAPSHOT frontman does a secret surprise lapdance for a hardcore kid!

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Imagine the best gift anyone could ever give you if you were a die hard fan of Boston hardcore punk legends SLAPSHOT

The band commented:

It was kind of a pain in the ass getting over there because of cancelled/delayed/and missed flights. But the look on his face when he realizes what’s happening is absolutely priceless and made it all worth it. Slapshot is his favorite band, and he has the best friends anyone could possibly ask for. That’s for sure. Check it out. It’s pretty awesome.

Photo by Ted Gijsman

Here’s a commentary from the ZLHC crew, explaining what happened:

ZLHC is a local HC community with close to 150 fanatics.. To give the president of ZLHC a special birthday present all of us donated money to let Slapshot fly over from Boston to Goes(NL)…

Café the Pompe is a small pub in Goes without a stage. Small pub that’s quite frequently overrun by HC-Kids (and old bastards) when Edmond organises a show there.

Sadly, the Pompe is being renovated soon and there will be no more shows there.
The last show planned happened to be the same day as Edmond’s birthday, so a lot of frequent visitors and friends came up with a scheme: Let’s tell Ed we’ll have a cover-band to finish the night and secretly fly in the real Slapshot from Boston.

A little lapdance, a few tears and a gig that almost led to the distruction of the pub! Best way to do a final show!

Sadly I couldn’t be there early enough to see all the bands (or actually play bass, thanks for picking that up Chris).

Here’s my (too large amount) of pics from the show!
If you feel like stealing them, go ahead but be an honest thieve and gives some credits if you use ‘m!

GO HERE and HERE to see more photos from the secret show at Cafe de Pompe in The Netherlands. It marked the last show ever in this legendary ZLHC venue. Here’ the official info sheet:


All good things come to an end. That will also be for the beautiful ZLHC hardcore shows at ‘de Pompe’ in Goes. Because of a rebuilding there will be no more space for our shows in the next future. And yes, we are very sad about this….but also very thankful for what we achieved in the past 5 years. Some of the bigger hardcore bands from around the globe played in our small venue and it was always a big party.

Thats why we want to thank everyone involved in our fantastic, little, hardcore scene and helped to built it to what it is today, from the crowd to the bands to the wonderfull volunteers and last, but certainly, not least, the fantastic barbabes and bardude from de Pompe!!!

This last Party will also be on my B-Day, so i expect to see all of you the 8th of february!!!

Slap Schot ( dont’t know were from) 20.15-…
Run Like Hell (EP release) 19.30-20.00
Intense (GER) 18.50- 19.15
Running Out 18.10-18.35
18 Miles 17.30-17.55
Get Some 16.50-17.15
Defy The Crown (5 killer songs!!!) 16.20-16.35
From The Heart 15.45-16.05
Scallywags 15.10-15.30
Rites 14.35-14.55
Faith Ends Here 14.00-14.20

Free Show

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