Sludge / heavy rock band WATERTANK comment on their new album

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Dear 90’s hard rock and metal, you are so damn missed! You were revelatory, unbound and rebellious. All of you is still worth loving. Even the goofy shirts seem super cool. Thankfully, there are dozens of incredible solid bands that remind me of you. WATERTANK is one them. Read my short interview with the band below and be sure to check out their new neurotic rock virus.

Two years after their first release, Watertank are back with “Destination Unknown”, a 9­ song full length (a little less than 35 minutes), composed and recorded on a unusual short notice, revealing a more confident band through strongly crafted songs.

The Nantes ­based band are still in love with melodic hooks, and down­tuned heavy riffing (“Dcvr” / “Doomed Drifters”), evolving from their post­-hardcore background (“Contrails”) to explore new territories (“Scheme” / “Destination Unknown”), they aim to deliver a lasting listening enjoyment.

Once again recorded by Patrice Guillerme (Papier Tigre / Patriotic Sunday) and mastered by Carl Saff (Coliseum / Pilot To Gunner), “Destination Unknown” marks a step forwards for the renewed line­up (who took part of last year Hellfest edition), gearing up for a few dates with Torche in 2015.


Hey guys! Thanks for taking some time with IDIOTEQ and unveiling some more details on WATERTANK and your new record! How are you?

We are super fine and happy to answer your questions.

Have you had any influential people in your creative process along the way to this new recording? Tell us more about both writing and recording processes for “Destination Unknown”.

Did the writing part myself last year, then we quickly shaped the tracklist with the band as they only had a month or so to rehearse the songs before the recording sessions.

What inspired the album?

Classic stuff, shit and joy that life brings out everyday.

What’s the story behind the title?

It refers to a myth about the disappearance of my great-grandfather, who is on the cover. We heard a lot of stories, he would have been taken on by a tornado, we don’t know, truth is he must have spent all his money on booze until he ended up broke, with nothing.

Are you creatively satisfied with the final effect? Considering the final effect, was there a particular part in the record that you found especially entertaining or interesting?

Yep, it’s a step forward from our previous records, songwriting is way better and tracklist has never been this thoughtful, we aimed for a warmer sound, we are particularly happy with the title track “Destination Unknwown”, which turned out great.

Do you actively pursue an additional value of your further projects? What goals do you foresee yourself pursuing?

I’m curious to see how aging can have an effect on this band, I feel like we have more to explore.

Ok guys, and why Solar Flare? Tell us a bit about your cooperation with the label.

Solar Flare Records is run by Mathieu, who, in a way, saved the band, at a time when we were tired of self promoting us. We’re so glad to be a part of their story, and have labelmates such as SOFY MAJOR, PIGS or FASHION WEEK, it’s truly one of the top notch label around here.

Ok cool, thanks a lot for the chat guys. Cheers!

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