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SLUMLORD – “Flower & Fade” video

The new SLUMLORD video supports the band’s recet EP “Love All Serve None”, released in October 2014. The full record is available for streaming below.


blaming you for everything. I remember a name. the thought flowers and fades. clocks cloud my mind tell me im fine and walk towards north of no south. directionless i find myself contagiously bringing you down, you dont make a sound. cant you see that I am trying. my own audacity, ignorant, self serving. give me a couple seconds to conjure up the essence of your apparent absence. you stabbed me in the heart pretty baby. dead hands grabbed the blade and then you stabbed me right back. madness thrives deep in the moments when you sleep. my eyes bloody still back, weep, keeping afloat, on these sour seas for years

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