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SNAILMATE premiere new freaky video for synth punk rap experiment “Donuts in the Rain”

Nerdcore/alt-rap duo SNAILMATE, have learned to adapt, whether it’s in the face of the pandemic or musically in a new, modern paradigm. Their mix of underground punk rock and rapped, cutting hooks is one that is not only seasoned and unique but on the precipice of genre-melding genius, which is what makes their new single “Donut’s In The Rain” so exciting.

After independently releasing a couple of EP’s, a 7” vinyl split, and a cassette split, they released their debut LP – Love In The Microwave – in 2018. It garnered praise from local and national press alike, including features in the Phoenix New Times, Java Magazine, Rogue Valley Messenger, and ABQ Free Press. Up until the pandemic they’ve spent a countless amount of time on the round, but with the hope of shows returning just on the horizon there’s a new energy to their sound present on “Donuts in the Rain”.

“I wrote “Donuts in The Rain” because I struggle with depression. The song is about not being ashamed of your mental health. I’ve been at very low points and have been able to build myself back up. The music video expresses my struggles with accepting who I am and working to make myself into what I want to be. The new me is constantly changing and growing into something I can be proud of.” – says Kalen Lander

With a crazy and psychedelic video, pumped with freakout visual jive, ‘Donuts’ is peppered with yowls, swears, and guttural growls reminiscent of something more haunting and metallic, but juxtaposed against the backdrop of pumping rock drums and bumping synths it sounds so fresh and timeless. The best part of ‘Donuts’ is the vocoded break-down at the 2 minute mark, adding a new layer of depth that most off-kilter bands seem to miss, an electronic, hip sophistication that the kookier side of underground music rarely gets right. Snailmate can hang this track high as a benchmark, a banner for what makes them such a special act to keep an eye on, because finally we have a group who can have fun and be artful without pretension. “Donuts In The Rain” is a freaky breath of fresh air.

Their sophomore album – Stress Sandwich – featuring “I Know What You Want” and “Donuts in the Rain” is due out 2021. Bands that influenced “Donuts in the Rain” are: 1. Monster Magnet, 2. Rob Zombie, 3. Tom Waits, 4. Beck, 5. Electric Wizard.

To keep you sufficiently entertained we have teamed up with both gentlemen to give you their tp lists of Five things that help Bentley get out of bed in the morning, and Kalen’s favorite hot sauce companies. See below.


Five things that help Bentley get out of bed in the morning:

1. My sphynx cats make everything better, they are full of wrinkles and their meows make me want to live. Their names are Pheebee and Fiona.

2. Music, it helps my heart slow down when I wake up in a gasping panic.

3. Tabasco is there to remind me I CAN feel things. I take a happy helping with every meal. Don’t test me at Waffle House, I can finish a whole bottle on my hashbrowns.

4. Cheese is basically music for your mouth, I don’t think I need to explain this one. Unless there’s olives in it, then it’s not cheese; It’s Satan in a shitty disguise.

5. Black iced coffee, or even room temp.. just not hot because it’s too early for that. When Starbucks accidentally puts sugar in it I cry and go back to bed.

Kalen’s favorite hot sauce companies

1. High Desert Hot Sauce – From Tucson, AZ. They have incredible southwest inspired flavors as well as killer hot fruit sauces. We are currently collaborating with them on the first ever Snailmate “Stress Sauce”

2. Taos Hum – From Taos, NM. They make some of the best pure pepper flavors imaginable. Everything is grown by them at Walking Trout Farms, and the people in charge are super friendly. You’ve never had a ghost pepper taste so damn good.

3. Arthur Wayne – From Missoula, MT. One word: Huckleberry. I mean, all their sauces are scrumptious and hot and the bottles never last longer than a week. But they dared to turn Montana’s signature fruit into a killer spicy sauce.

4. Angry Goat Pepper Co – From Bradford, VT. One of the most adventurous sauce makers out there. So many great flavors including prickly pears, rum, Vermont maple syrup, cranberries, sweet potatoes and more. You’ve never tasted anything like these sauces.

5. Tabasco – From Avery Island, LA. The king. I’ll probably get a lot of hate from hot sauce snobs and indie makers but… it’s just so perfect. The original goes on literally anything. Habanero combines guava and banana and the perfect heat… and their new scorpion sauce is so damn hot and fruity and oh my gosh my mouth is watering.

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