Death’s Grip label commented:

Recently I have been seemingly making things kinda sexual and that was never really my intention to focus around that or make it a running theme.
WITH THAT BEING SAID look at the fucking song titles, this demo is literally screaming of sexual innuendo.
Like song by song lets have a very quick suss
Track one “Shackle me”, I don’t really need to say more bout this one but the lyrics are red hot. I got a far too spicy image of a young Adam Coyle being handcuffed to a bed and violently whipped by a group of naked Asian prostitutes wearing gimp masks and walking up and down his back in high heels and hes just screaming at them like “MORE, MORE, MORE”. Truly frightening shit and musically very moving.

The second song, “Caged” could also be left alone and be suss in its own right. However if you think about Ed in a pair of spandex budgie smugglers at a trance club dancing, pinging off his noodle, as he slowly grinds and gyrates in one of those cages usually reserved for paid dancers, you really get a feel for what this song is about.

The third track “Out for Justice” I choose to believe is about sexual equality. I never really understood why a dude that roots heaps is a “hero” and a chick that roots heaps is a “slut”. If you’re rooting heaps that’s dope, if you’re not and you’re chill with that, that’s dope too. This song actually has nothing to do with that at all but that’s my two cents.

The fourth track, “Common Decency”, I like to believe, documents a young BE’s sexual awakening. The scene as I see it is basically BE accidentally cums into a sexual partners eye during fellatio. The next time she blows him he cums and as he lays down to revel in the moment she jumps onto of him and spits his cum into his eyes. Part of him is like “WHAT THE FUCK” but another part is like “Well I did cum in her eye but situation could be considered differently as I did it on accident and she’s deliberately done this? Fuck. I don’t know. Whatever. I guess this is only fair,. I mean it seems like common decency”. What is good for the goose is good for the gander as they say. Another huge track.

The fifth and final track, “Society’s Chain” outlines Aaron’s general love for being choked, spat on and spanked whilst being fucked. In this case the chain is a both a literal one, usually around his neck, making his face go beetroot red and a figurative one as Aaron feels uncomfortable about his sexual preferences and feels like society looks down on people that enjoy being burnt by hot wax whilst someone clamps their ballsack. It’s unfortunate that a society that idolizes and worships sex is also so judgmental of anyone willing to state that they enjoy it.

Anyways the demo shows that Society’s Chain are firm believers that whatever your sexuality you should feel at peace with it and let your sexual flag fly strong and high.

Alternatively listen to it yourself and realize I am completely full of shit.

Fiddy tapes, haven’t picked a color yet, likely black but potentially red or green. Will be sent when the tapes arrive which should be like 2-3 weeks.

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