SOFT KILL live by @geososa_shoots
SOFT KILL live by @geososa_shoots
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SOFT KILL showcases untrammelled creativity and sonic alchemy on “Metta World Peace”

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In a thrilling development from the music landscape of Chicago, the illustrious post-punk band, Soft Kill, is set to redefine the genre with their new album “Metta World Peace,” featuring the recent ear catching single “Molly“. Conceived amidst the upheaval of a transitionary period, this album sees the band not only embracing fresh sonic landscapes but also harking back to the intimate bedroom experiments characteristic of 2020’s “Premium Drifter” and various other cassette-exclusive releases since the band’s genesis.

“Metta World Peace” stands as a testament to Soft Kill’s innovative spirit, featuring unique contributions from accomplished artists such as Evil Pimp, Andres Chavez, N8NOFACE, and Adam Klopp.

The band utilized an intriguing method of cut and paste sampling from beloved hip hop albums, layering this with the dynamism of spontaneous collaborations, thus forming a rich tapestry of sound.


Soft Kill embarks on a refreshing departure from the conventional “album cycle,” opting instead for a stream-of-consciousness creative approach, fuelled by a blend of ennui and admiration for acts like Guided By Voices. The band’s forte lies in the raw energy of demos, with this album celebrating their passion for songwriting while eschewing any elements that feel overwrought or imposed.

“Metta World Peace” emerges as a triumphant return-to-form, sparking an outright musical revolution, and serving a veritable trove of standout tracks, each showcasing unique, compelling, and emotive elements.


“Metta World Peace” is lauded as a contender for the album of the year in the broad alternative rock, post punk and new wave genre. It’s a bold testament to the band’s growth and exploration, honoring the home recording process found in “Premium Drifter” and their numerous cassette-only releases.

Soft Kill’s “Metta World Peace” promises to leave listeners captivated.


Dive in to see for yourself.

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