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BLANKET unveil ‘Blue Eyes’, new EP coming up on Church Road Records

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Hailing from the vibrant cultural hub of Blackpool, UK, Blanket is an alternative, shogazin’ rock ensemble celebrated for their captivating and potent soundscapes. Drawing creative energies from the likes of Foo Fighters, Deftones, and Failure, this band weaves a tapestry of music that is a tour de force of emotional resonance.

Blanket began as the brainchild of Bobby Pook, vocalist and guitarist extraordinaire. It initially blossomed as a solo endeavor, but as the project burgeoned, Pook sought the artistic companionship of fellow musicians to enrich the sonic identity, eventually culminating in a robust band.

The year 2016 marked a milestone in Blanket’s journey with the release of their debut album, “Our Brief Encounters.” Lauded by critics, the album painted Blanket as an emergent comet in the post-rock cosmos. Their sophomore album, “How To Let Go,” released in 2018, fortified their standing in the genre, showcasing their gift for fabricating soundscapes that are both immersive and profound.


Blanket’s artistry isn’t confined to the studio. Their live performances are a spectacle of raw intensity and magnetism, which have enamored audiences across the UK, contributing to a dedicated and growing fanbase.

In 2021, Blanket found a new home with Church Road Records, nestling among an eclectic line-up of innovative artists. With their rich tapestry of influences and their unwavering commitment to expanding the horizons of alternative rock.

Today heralds an exciting day for Blanket, as they are gracing our ears with their brand new single ‘Blue Eyes,’ accompanied by a striking visual narrative in the form of a music video, teasing their upcoming EP release.

The unveiling of their forthcoming EP, also titled ‘Blue Eyes,’ marks another milestone in Blanket’s journey.

“This EP is kind of a transition record for us as we head towards a hopefully a new record some time in the next year. There has been an evolution of our sound and approach to songwriting, and a new lineup, with our new drummer Lucas Fletcher, and we see ‘Blue Eyes’ as an introduction to the composite of our diverse influences, and representative of blanket in 2023. We’re also including some never before released songs including our own interpretation of some of the music we’ve been influenced by including a Radiohead cover we worked on with our friends in Palm Reader, a cover of John Murphy’s ‘In the House, In a Heartbeat’ from 28 Days Later, and an acoustic version of Post Malone’s ‘I Fall Apart’.” – comments the band.

Blanket by Simon Arthur
Blanket by Simon Arthur

Track listing:

1. Blue Eyes
2. I Fall Apart (Post Malone Cover)
3. Climbing Up The Walls (Radiohead Cover) ft. Palm Reader
4. In The House, In A Heartbeat (28 Days Later)
5. Ghost Note

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