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SONIC BEAST unveils new album, a harmonious collision of talent and passion

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From the heartlands of Illinoise to the dynamic beats of Bad Mongos; from the rhythmic cadences of No More Lies to the poignant strains of Bullitt, the universe conspired to bring together Alfred, Chris, Roger, and Xavi. These are not just names, but the lifeblood behind a vibrant rock band Sonic Beast.

Today, we’re pleased to give you their new full-length offering, ahead of its tomorrow’s release via Bcore Disc label & Saltamarges.

With dynamic guitars that would likely catch even the discerning ear of Bob Mould and a sound that’s been meticulously crafted over months, Sonic Beast present a well-balanced melodic punk rock and alt rock collision that’s both raw and refined. It promises an exploration into the depths of sound and emotion, a journey that you will undoubtedly want to embark on, time and time again.

The production, thanks to the deft hands of the Garcia brothers from Ultramarinos, envelopes us in a soundscape that’s as energizing as it is resonant. The vocals, laden with fervor, delve into the myriad facets of human existence – from the mundane struggles we all face, the highs and lows of love, to the conscious choice of existing outside the societal box.

The eleven-track album is an ear-worm rollercoaster. “Hazed and Confused” feels like the ticking of a clock, counting down to an inevitable climax, while “It’s A Trap” offers a melodic respite, a moment to breathe, and introspect.

Sonic Beast

“It’s A Trap”comes as the band’s bold statement, an anthem that captures the essence of the daily grind and the traps we often find ourselves ensnared in. The dual vocals, singing in perfect unison, narrate the tale of daily struggles and the ever-elusive solutions. As the hypnotic guitars play in the backdrop, reminiscent of bands like Rival Schools and Plosivs, the song crescendos into an experience, preparing listeners for what’s to come.

Sonic Beast’s association with BCore Disc is no mere coincidence. The label, known for nurturing talents like Bad Mongos, Bullitt, and No More Lies, now adds Sonic Beast to its illustrious roster.

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