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SONIC POISON (members of SHEER TERROR / THE CASUALTIES) streaming their debut EP!

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New hardcore powerhouse, SONIC POISON, have teamed with Decibel Magazine to stream their upcoming self-titled debut EP, due out June 22 via LifeLine Records. Featuring members of Sheer Terror, The Casualties, Deathcycle, Disnihil, and Concrete Cross, Sonic Poison have concocted a blistering release that distills hardcore to its most raw and brutal form. Decibel commented on the EP, saying “it’s super-pissed off and sounds like a pack of rabid wolves developed opposable thumbs, invented a time machine and set the coordinates for somewhere smack dab in the middle of the mid-80s NYC, D.C. and Boston scenes.”

How do you start a modern hardcore punk band, play it the old fashioned way with no gimmicks, but still be relevant in a world of dime-a-dozen retro-hardcore? It starts with passion, inspiration, creative aggression, and something to prove.

Sonic Poison is the brain child of Ron Grimaldi of Deathcycle on vocals, Rick Lopez of The Casualties on guitar, Anthony Corallo of Sheer Terror, Concrete Cross, and Disnihil on drums, and Tom Clavin of Concrete Cross and Disnihil on bass. The band is four lifers coming together to create fast, pissed, uncompromising hardcore for no other reason than true love of the genre.

With such an impressive combined resumé, the Sonic Poison could have easily rested on their laurels, but in true DIY fashion the EP was recorded by Corallo himself in the band’s basement and practice space. The band then recruited Chad Lawson (artwork for Backtrack, Rude Awakening, Expire, many more) to provide pitch perfect old school style cover art. Sonic Poison has no pretense, no posturing, just four tracks of pummeling drums, distorted bass, buzzsaw guitars, and throat-shredding vocals. This is raw, angry hardcore at its best.


6/28 New York, NY @ The Bowery Electric w/ All Out War, Subzero, Darkside NYC, NYC Headhunters
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