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SOUL CRUSHER hits Radiohead infused moody vibes in hypnotizing new single “Stuck In Between”

Sasha Chornyy’s new solo project SOUL CRUSHER is about to unveil its 6-song EP and today we’re thrilled to give you his new video for captivating new single “Stuck In Between”!

Recorded and produced by Sasha alone, the newest offering from Soul Crusher is an off-shoot artistic trip from his heavier work with Life In Vacuum, Congratulations and Kiken.

“For as long as I remember I always wanted to start a solo project through which I can channel my music/art that was always kind of renting a room somewhere across the river on the other side of “punk” (so to speak) but never had a home of its own.” – comments Sasha.

Soul Crusher

“Basically ideas that wouldn’t fit in LIV realm. I have a demo of a 3rd song that will be on this EP, that is actually dating over 10 years back so I guess you can say that it’s been a long time in the making, I just took a 10 year break.”

Expounding on the impact of the COVID era, he continues: “Pandemic with its mostly downs pushed me to many things and at some point for some reason I felt inspired to revive and re-record that demo. I enjoyed the process and the feeling I was getting out of creating the whole piece from beginning to end and sort of orchestrating that eventually it led to making of this EP. And that’s how Soul Crusher built its home”


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