SOUL SEARCH 2013 Japanese dates; new track available

As teased, SOUL SEARCH will be releasing a new 7” called “Nothing But A Nightmare” soon. The band is streaming the first song off the outing. It’s called “The Scapegoat” and is streaming below.

They will be hitting  Japanese roads in February 2013. Scroll down to see the dates.

The band commented:

Thanks to everyone who took time out of their day and checked out our new song and has been giving us feedback. We appreciate your support. Pre-orders will be up real soon, so keep checking back on our Facebook and our Twitter for more updates. Another new song will be posted when pre-orders go up.

Listen to DMIZE & Confusion.


I stand feeling sorrow
I stand feeling the pain
There’s no prison more frightening
Than the one inside my brain

The sun has gone down & the darkness arrives
Still searching for that part of me I’m doomed not to find
And I lie to myself, say it’s part of life’s plan
These misfortunes have made me, who and what I am

Nobody. But myself. To blame.

There’s no one out there that can save me
If you need someone to blame, just blame me

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