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Soulful screamo punks MAR NEGRO release new splendid record “Verano”

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Costa Rican emotive screamo / post hardcore act MAR NEGRO have premiered a heart-wrenching debut record “Verano”, a powerful blend of passionate and emotional moments, both beginning and ending on a melancholy note that well marks its character. These guys wear their hearts on their sleeves and despite the raw production of this offering, it sounds fully-grown and will hopefully be their first of many.

We’ve got an exclusive commentary from Oli and Maget, who took some time with us and explained the concept of the band and their debut release:

The demo album is motivated by the reflection we’ve both had regarding modernity, the liquidity of attatchment, the fact that the way the world is structured gives us so little reassurance in terms of our own well being, not knowing what the fuck we want out of life, and the fact that this all happens with no real future in sight. All those feelings, which are ours in terms of Mar Negro, but also ours in terms of the generation we belong to, we wanted to do something with that, to express them, to make political art.

We’ve both experienced situations in our personal lives that, however, have a political dimension. Either being young queer people, dealing with racism and sexism as it has affected us or those around us, struggling with the effects that a classist society has had on us and on other people, homelessness, unemployement, hopelessness, or just trying to build meaningful bonds with other people that nevertheless become tainted because of the paradigms of affection that are ingrained in us through ideology; these experiences are profoundly personal, they constitute who we are, but we can also see how they are not only ours, they are the result of the way the world is structured. We wanted to explore both the personal and the political through our music and our lyrics.

MAR NEGRO is currently working on a Mexican tour for this coming July.

Photo by José Javier Peralta


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