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Spanish epic post rockers WHALE NADO premiere new live session video; wrap-up 2020 with their ‘Best Records Of The Year’

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With an elegant intensity, Spanish instrumental post rockers WHALE NADO bring together all the classic elements of the genre, along with this unique way of transport the listener to another new dimension through their hypnotic and layered way of portraying emotions into their own instrumental landscapes.Today, we’re pleased to give you their brand new live session video, along with their special commentary on the year 2020 and a list of their top records released this year.

The band released their recent LP “The Original Wave and The Small Riot” two years ago and are set to released their new full length “The Ocean Rebellion and Sonic Therapies” in 2021. Two new singles “I will not be young again” and “Candidates” are available below.

“This year 2020 started great for us.” – comments the band.”We are a band that needs live to feel alive (like almost all bands) and in that section we were doing very well, both with regard to the shows we did, with good results and acceptance from the public (which was opening us each more doors thanks to Jorge, our manager from “El Hombre Music”), as on a personal level, life treated us well, and it showed in the chemistry of the band. Until everything was screwed up. The world went a bit to shit, and we and many people with it ..

But among the shit, flowers grow, and this forced break has helped us plan a 2021 full of energy, thoughts and renewed sensations .. And music of course !! The time we spent polishing details for the shows, now we invest to compose new songs and drink a lot of beer. Adapt or die !! We are looking forward to releasing our second LP in the coming year and we keep our fingers crossed that we can defend it on stage.”


Best Records of the year, by WHALE NADO

GYOZA – Early bird (2020)

Halfway between calm and storm. They have not discovered anything, but their songs are quite round in the whole album .. It is worth giving it a try, and more if they are not mainstream !!

CASPIAN – On Circles (2020)

These guys never disappoint. They are magical, their songs are really cool, catchy, elaborate… An album to recharge your batteries.

ENVY – The Fallen Crimson (2020)

A little well executed madness! They also have themes that stick around your head. And that epic that has the Japanese language that grabs you. Great album.

SLEEPMAKESWAVES – These are not your dreams (2020)

The truth is that it is a great album. The sound of the guitars is brutal when it has to be, and very soft when they feel like it. This confinement has helped me a lot to stay sane. They are very fucking good.


These guys do whatever they want, they’ve earned it. This album seems more electro ambient or somethig, but also, they create their own and recognizable atmosphere. Although I admit that I like some other album, this one is not wasted.

IDLES – Ultra Mono (2020)

They blow me away. Simply brutal. They haven’t discovered anything either, but they turn everything around, including your head. The songs are very catchy and danceable.. Superb!

FACE TO FACE – Standards and Practices (2020)

How not to include in this list one of the groups that we have listened to the most since we were children. Always very funny, on this album too. Music to listen to at any time in your life.

Apart from music, I suppose that many bands have thrown themselves to the abyss about the movies and books and those things that they have liked the most… We are going to be very honest. We are attentive to the latest musical releases, but not so much of books or movies .. long live the damn classics! We start with events that have broken our heads: Is there something more beast than 2020 itself? You are right. See your friends playing streaming concerts from the living room or recording room where you used to throw beers with them without further pretense …

Very bizarre. And brutal, of course. Bizarre and worthy of comment is the situation of a friend during confinement, he has a music store and earned a lot of money selling ukuleles at home! Fuck, that is brutal.. As for series, movies and books, I already tell you that we like classics ..”

The secret history of the world written by Jonathan Black is one of the books that could break your head. Dense, but recommended. And series like Norsemen are also good entertainment .. But we will never put aside what really unites us. The ultimate idiocy. And the animated series help that, no matter how long it takes … So simple and that complex. Here where we grew up, things were never easy .. Greetings to all, and may life treat you as you deserve…

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