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Spooky Brooklyn artist THELMA announce new LP on Tiny Engines; new songs streaming

Tiny Engines label has teamed up with poetic alt rocker THELMA for her new full length album, due out February 24th! THELMA has unveiled 2 new tracks from the record and they’re available for your listening pleasure below.

Thelma’s music sounds almost otherworldly. Slightly spooky and often dramatic, it mixes the warm, human sensibilities of folk with slightly off-kilter electronic elements. – NPR

The Brooklyn-based group blend theatrically spectral folk with subtle electronic progressions to dazzling effect, all centered around Jacobs’ elastic but sharp voice. – Stereogum
Thelma – Thelma

The seven songs of Thelma’s debut album are anything but pure, and they make no pretense of representing a natural or spontaneous expressive moment. They are fastidious. And they are gigantic. If anything, the songs exude that most impure, un-sweet, un-angelic motivation- ambition. Within the lyrics too there is a thematic insistence on the writer not wanting to be pure or objectified.

Above all, “Thelma” demonstrates real work; an exacting, intricate, sometimes beautifully sparse production with contrastingly serendipitous vocals. It demands attention to the band as a whole, and to Natasha Jacob’s work as a composer, vocalist, and a wildly intense guitarist. – Akiva Zamcheck

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