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Fight the System – NYC punks M13 & THE DEACONS premiere new split record

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IDIOTEQ is stoked to expand its cooperation with the good man Rich Stremme and present a full stream of this new split recording featuring his 2 bands, M-13 and THE DEACONS! Recorded at Dave Patterson Studio, in the Nutmeg State and is being released via the bands’ own Made in Brooklyn label, “Fuck the System” 7” delivers posi rebelious energy with a strength and admirable raw execution that’s never fake or dull. There’s no need to curse the fact you were not born to witness the 80s. Its most provocative and natural aspects return on this new tiny record, streaming for your pleasure below!

Rich commented on the record:

The other day I ran into Simon on the street after a Drunken Rampage show , and he said to me: “Our point ain’t to entertain, is it?  It’s to PROVOKE.”  That’s exactly where it’s at.  “Fuck the System” is an invitation to provocation.  Fight the System at all cost.  Ultimately, it begins and end with YOU.  Nobody Here really wants to rock-n-roll when the price could be: your job, your status, your security, your little slice of freedom.  In fact most folks I run into these days should just Stay the fuck Away from me, so they don’t catch what I’ve got.  Always remember, police officers are never your fuckin friends: ACASfuckinB…amen.

Covers designed/printed by Richard Owens, Scarborough, Maine, and all images by REVS, fuckinbrooklyn, 300 pressed at United Record Pressing, TN.

Fight The System:

I’m forty fuckin’ three years old
& I still ain’t buyin’ what I’m sold
But now I see the error of my ways
Like that I’m fuckin’ forty four
& suddenly I ain’t young no more
Ain’t got the time that I had yesterday
(blah blah blah)…

Wham Bam I’m just the way I am
I got too much tension like the Son O’ Sam
Just too fuckin’ old to change my ways
One more time I tell it true
This one here’s from me to you
You gotta fight that motherfuckin’ system
’til the grave

You gotta Fight Fight Fight The System
Scream and shout still nobody will listen
Lose yourself to find another way
The cameras won’t go away

All you kitties gotta listen and keep fuckin’ with the system

Nobody Here:

Nobody here really want to rock and roll
Nobody here ever wants to lose control
Well the band starts jumping’ and you’re pitchin’ a fit
You’re all liquored up & not givin’ a shit
It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and you’re calling it quits
Siren comes a callin’ that’s when everybody splits

It’s a cry cry cryin’ shame but I ain’t to blame
It’s a personality crisis & you’re so lame
New York City sidewalks beatin’ in my brain
Laugh and laugh and it all goes down the drain

Stay Away:

Got a head fulla splinters from a shattered mind
Naked city black n white brain o’ mine
Block after block after block o’ gray
I can’t turn the corner in my head today

Look out motherfucker stay away

Droned out cloned out pass on by
Corporation population suicide
The cop on the street is like the cop inside
And they all want to take you for a ride

I’m wrapped way too tight to spare you the time today

A.C.A.S. Fuckin’ B.

All cops are still fuckin’ bastards
Is it so easy to see?
All cops are still fuckin’ bastards
A.C.A.S. Fuckin’ B.
Serve and protecting the system
While they still bust a few heads
All cops are still fuckin’ bastards
I wish they’d all go drop dead

All coppers are still fuckin’ bastards
A fully armed uniformed mob
All coppers are still fuckin’ bastards
Hey, it just sorta comes with the job.

Rally round your bullshit

All the kitties gotta listen keep on fuckin’ with the system
Till it breaks down. Like a shakedown.

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