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Spooky Hardcore: Baltimore eerie hardcore punks CELLAR DWELLER release new EP on Fake Crab Records!

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Baltimore DIY label Fake Crab Records have teamed up with us to unveil their new release, a self-titled EP from raging, sludgy, raw hardcore band CELLAR DWELLER. The record finds them putting a forceful and almost distubring spin on the sound of metallized, noisy hardcore, and is a promise that with more work on song structure, arrangements, and production, CELLAR DWELLER will eventually trigger a solid chill down your spine. Actually they’re not too far from delivering a punchy horror experience on this release. Listen for yourself and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Asked for more information on the band and some insights on the content of the band’s sinister feel, guitarist Evan Falk commented:

While we borrow sonically from metallic hardcore, sludge metal and AmRep style noise rock, our lyrical approach ties together these diverse sounds into a cohesive thematic vision. Our self-titled EP deals exclusively with horror and occult topics, generally referential to camp horror, delivered in vocals reminiscent of a slasher film victim. The 5 tracks span crushing breakdowns, blazing blast beats and on-a-dime riff and tempo changes packed into an 18 minutes run time. Spooky HC for spooky people.



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