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STARKWEATHER cancel their appearance at the A389 Bash

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STARKWEATHER canceled their appearance at the A389 Bash on January 21, 2012. MAGRUDERGRIND will be playing in their spot.

Read the official statement below:

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of their control, STARKWEATHER had to cancel their appearance at the A389 Bash on January 21, 2012.

Rennie and I tried every possible angle to make things work, but due to it being a medical issue, it simply became a matter of running out of time and needing to find a replacement before showtime (which is now a couple weeks away).

MAGRUDERGRIND has confirmed to be playing in their spot. They’re a band we wanted on the show all along, but due to the number of bands
on the show, there was just no way to make it possible until now.

Apologies to anyone who was really looking forward to seeing STARKWEATHER. This show would have fulfilled my ultimate fantasy of having INTEGRITY, GEHENNA, STARKWEATHER, and HAYMAKER (PICK YOUR SIDE) on the same bill so I feel your pain.

We’re really stoked that MAGRUDERGRIND is taking their spot, and hope you find them to be a suitable replacement as well.


MAGRUDERGRIND live at Obscene Extreme Festival, July 2011:

STARKWEATHER live shows from 1992:
JC Dobbs, Philadelphia, PA, February 28, 1992:

Crazy Country Club, Brooklyn, NY, October 30, 1992:

The Rat, Boston, MA, November 1, 1992:

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