STATIC THOUGHT are disbanding due to drummer concentrating on his other band, CIVIL WAR RUST.

Heres the official statement issued by the band:

Hello everyone,

So its been an amazing long run but Static Thought is now no more. We will be doing one more bay area show sometime before the end of the year. Will make that announcement soon. Ill try and keep this short and give you all the lead up.

Coming into 2011, I wrote here that I wanted this band to be more than just some young kids who got signed and faded away. Im proud to say that we made a record that we feel will stand the test of time and even 10 years from now will hold water.

After we recorded our now last full length “Static Thought” we felt like we were on a new stride. The band’s lineup had completely changed except for me which sometimes can be bad. However, this time it produced something that I can only describe as a feeling that I have never had playing music with another group of people. The chemistry was amazing, we were sounding better than we have ever sounded and had more fun and enjoyment from this project then ever before.

We did a few tours and launched the release of our new LP. Our last US tour we embarked on was one of the best we had done to date. Which brings us to tonight.

Our drummer Drew who plays in three bands (well now one band) made the call that he wanted to do his other band Civil War Rust 100% without any other projects. It was a major shock and bummer for us in the band and as I mentioned above Static Thought had never been this enjoyable and sounded this good before. We made the call that this band was going to be a band with us 4 or not at all so that was that. We would rather start something new then continue without him. We support his decision and wish him the best of luck with them.

This will be a good time to mention that we are all going to continue to play music in different projects. Johaan will now be playing bass for the SF based Diego’s Umbrella, Drew will continue with Civil War Rust, Aaron has just stared a new band and I will be launching a new project soon. I’m sure ill post something here about it before the years end.

12 years after I started this band with some middle school friends I can say that i’ve seen and done more than most kids with a dream can. We signed with Epitaph/Hellcat Records, put out 3 Albums, 4 EPs, Toured Europe 5 times, Canada 3 times, US 3 times and played with Rancid, Against Me!, Leftover Crack, Alkaline Trio, and many other amazing bands over the years. We have done so much at such a young age and i’m very pround.

There are some who really cared and supported this band and I thank them for that (and a lot who didnt) In all honesty the band has really been a struggle. After every hill we climbed there was another in the way but we climbed all of them. We did it with some amazing friends and people and we did it together.

I want to send a few shout-outs to the people who really helped this band become what it was.

My parents John Urbach and Anne Ardillo for giving us infinate support and help throughout the years, Dave Tweedie for all his guidance, love and help, Jeff and Tim Armstrong, Chris Lasalle Brett Gurwitz for seeing something in this band and helping us out. Ian Armstrong, Chrisi Barack, Eleven, Adam kefret, Devildolls booking, and Owen Drew for helping us tour and supporting us for so long. Sammy Vereckeen for being a brother and a friend, bringing us to Belgium, and showing us a home there. Chad Feagley for his hard work, and time he put into helping us. Matt Kadi, Jack Shirley, Brian Kanagaki for being rad people and helping us with our projects. Jonas, Lyle, Shaun, for driving us on tour and being awesome people. Jay Crash, Jay Unidos, and all of our friends who inspired us, the venues and promoters who help us along the way and all the people who i probably forgot to mention.

Lastly I personally want to thank Johaan Hill, Aaron Younce, Drew Cueva for making the last few years some of the best in my life. I also want to thank Charlie Vincent, Daniel Garcia, Mike Leon, and Cameron for sharing the stage with us over the years.

There were so many kids and fans who told me that we inspired them, and helped them feel something. This means more to me than anything ever could. I could never imagine that my music could touch someone like that. Punk rock can be beautiful and it has given me hope that at its best this world can be a better place for us to live. We will always have the memories, friends and loved ones. Thanks to everyone and we will keep you posted on our last show and future projects.

Eric Urbach/Static Thought


“Drug of My Mind” video:

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