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STICK TO YOUR GUNS singer talks about Christianity

Jesse Barnett of STICK TO YOUR GUNS recently sat down for an interview with Absolute Punk, in which he talks about Christianity in relation to the band’s music and how they are perceived.

He states:

It’s been going well! I think it’s important to note that Stick To Your Guns doesn’t come from a Christian background; mostly because for some reason in the Christian community, there’s this notion that some people have where they think without God…there’s no morals. And I think it’s so far fetched and ignorant, because people sometimes act like all you want to do is pillage villages and rape people because you’re not a Christian. We’re not Christians, but we believe in working towards the greater good and helping those who dont have anything, to meet their basic needs; we also look out to help out non-profit organizations all over the world. 

The tour with For Today is an opportunity to not preach the choir; we don’t necessarily agree on the same things, and it’s convenient to have people to either like what you have to say, or think it’s total bullshit, you know? I think that’s cool.

Photo by Dumek Edwards.

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