STINKY WIZZLETEAT release “Butterscotch Crucifixxx” this July

STINKY WIZZLETEAT will release their brand new EP entitled “Butterscotch Crucifixxx” this July via Carnage Klub.

Here’s the official word about the band:

Squirming into the daylight in 2006, red-eyed, screeching and deprived of vital nutrients, Stinky Wizzleteat reluctantly embarked on their low-tempo devastation of the widely-held preconceptions of what it is to be Stoner, and what it is to be Metal. Guitarist Neil swiftly set about rummaging for riffs in septic tanks and bins of medical waste in the hope of marrying them with the whizzed-up crashing of John’s hyper-octopus drumming, and the resulting sludge-toxin was irresponsibly let loose on the general public.

2 years and several million shows and parties later, the band were regular fixtures in the Birmingham area, yet just beginning their grand voyage of the Stinking-up of stages around town, notably with the likes of Torche, Part Chimp and Eyehategod, as well as crushing a much-coveted Supersonic Festival slot.

Following the departure of their second vocalist at the end of 2010, Stinky’s doom cruise slowed down while the elements of the band re-shaped themselves (and Neil de-mangled his hand). Wrenching itself back into life, the band stomped back in mid-2011 with all the restraint of a meth-fuelled, 2-piece amateur home invasion. Having shed the furious vocals, the instruments were forced to work harder to fill the gaps, resulting in a bit of a gear change in the tempo and a definite step up in the aural violence.

While various data files and floppy disks of previous recorded material do exist, the disturbing evidence of Stinky Wizzleteat’s current form is about to be uncovered in the form of 4-track EP ‘Butterscotch Crucifixxx.’

They suffered for us. Stinkin’ ain’t easy.

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