Yardboss by Jesse Lee Brown
Yardboss by Jesse Lee Brown
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YARDBOSS unveils ‘No Casket 1993’: a sonic time capsule from Dayton’s punk rock scene

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Emerging from the gritty yet vibrant streets of Dayton, Ohio, Yardboss is more than just a band – they’re a sonic revolution in the making. With the impending release of their debut LP, “No Casket 1993,” on November 17 via Rad Girlfriend Records, they’re set to enrich their local punk rock landscape that first roared to life with their 2017 EP, “We Wish We Were Dead ’92.”

Christian Roerig, the band’s vocal and bass dynamo, describes “No Casket 1993” as a journey spanning seven transformative years. It’s a voyage through time, capturing snapshots of personal and musical evolution. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill punk record; it’s an eclectic mix that blurs the lines between punk’s raw energy, prog rock’s complexity, and the infectious rhythms of pop.

With members hailing from The Raging Nathans, Abertooth Lincoln, and Nightbeast, Yardboss channels a unique Dayton energy.


They deliver a sound that’s as much an homage to their roots as it is a bold step into uncharted territories. It’s an album where punk’s spirit meets a daring, almost experimental approach, proving that punk is not just alive but ever-evolving.

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