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“Stomping Grounds” – Detroit post hardcore rockers OURSELVES premiere new track!

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By the time I started my cooperation with Eric Scobie and his amazing label Dropping Bombs, I was already thinking of arranging as many features and articles on his projects and artists he woul,d have decided to support and promote. This new exciting four piece from his local ground of Detroit called OURSELVES are one of them and I am greatly honored to host a stream of their newest track called “Stomping Grounds”! Recorded with Matthew Cross (ORANGE 9MM / COLLAPSE), the track comes from the band’s new EP 7” and is full of a catchy hooks built out of heavy, groovy rock riffs  in the vein of your beloved HELMET and QUICKSAND record. Listen below and head over here to check out more bands and addictive tunes released in cooperation with Dropping Bombs.

Members of OURSELVES, Mike Ketelhut, Cale Kehoe, Scott Thomas Christie and Joshua Beausoleil, issued this statement in support of their debut record:

“As a person whose first show was a Quicksand/Seaweed gig in 1993, my eyes definitely perked up when I saw my friend Scott post something last year about looking for people to do a project in the vein of Burn, 411, and of course, Quicksand. Over the next couple months, word spread, people came together, and that idea coalesced into Ourselves. Recorded this summer by Orange 9mm/Collapse drummer Matthew Cross at his new studio Rise Like Lions, the bands’ first recorded output definitely taps into the spirit and urgency of the early-mid 90’s post-hardcore sound. I couldn’t be more excited to announce that I’ll be teaming up with the band to release some of those songs on a 7″ via Dropping Bombs. The record will be out in November. Pre-order info and record release show details will be coming soon.”


there’s a lot of money to be made
put the name of your city on a t shirt
the worst of us have got dough to spend
the best of us are down in the dirt
it’s nice to see a city on the rise
but the rules of class will still apply
it’s nice to see a city on the rise
individuality denied
Pay the blood price babyThe owl never stops to shed a tear for it’s prey
Nor does the pudgy little man in khaki slacks
Gonna save us all with his disposable income
Gonna hang around and try to get my hands on some
it’s nice to see a city on the rise
but the rules of class will still apply
it’s nice to see a city on the rise
individuality denied
pay the blood price babyit’s time you paid the blood price
it’s time you earned those marks that you wear
these were our stomping grounds
there were no dance floors herethe neighbors have all packed up and left town
sometimes it’s easier to walk away
we take solace in our portable devices
I hope some day they can put one in my brain
Pay the blood price baby


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