Statement of Pride by Jeff Lasich (@starttodayzine)
Statement of Pride by Jeff Lasich (@starttodayzine)

Straight edge crew STATEMENT OF PRIDE comment on new devastating single “Memories”, Florida hardcore, new album on Youngblood Records

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In exciting news for fans of hardcore music, STATEMENT OF PRIDE (members of members of Payback, Off The Tracks and Cradle To Grave) has dropped a brand new single titled “Memories”. The single is now available for streaming on various platforms and is a preview of the band’s upcoming debut LP on Youngblood Records. The highly-anticipated album is set to be released in early 2024 and promises to deliver the same heavy sound the band showcased on their raging EPs last year (“A Fire Inside” and “Out Of The Ashes” , with a unique twist.

According to the band, “Memories” is heavily influenced by bands like Withstand, One King Down, and Indecision, while still incorporating STATEMENT OF PRIDE’s own signature style. Fans can expect the LP to continue in this vein, with a mix of familiar hardcore elements and new sonic experiments.

Statement of Pride by Jeff Lasich (@starttodayzine)
Statement of Pride by Jeff Lasich (@starttodayzine)

In addition to the LP release, STATEMENT OF PRIDE is also set to play Hardcore Pride in Philly on March 24th and will embark on a tour through Texas in July alongside Hold My Own and Sheer Force. With their latest single and album release, the band is sure to cement their place as a rising force in the hardcore scene.

Comments the band’s Carter Holmes (also of From Within Records): “Lyrically it’s about a good friend of mine who passed away in a car accident when we were younger and how something like losing a friend is different from losing a family member.”

Statement of Pride by Jeff Lasich (@starttodayzine)
Statement of Pride by Jeff Lasich (@starttodayzine)

As far as their local hardcore scene, the band admits that they have always been a smaller scene and struggled with getting younger kids out to shows, but thankfully though after the pandemic some younger kids did come around and a few of them actually seem to get what it’s about and take the time to listen to bands beyond the surface level.

“As for Florida in general I think the state had a low point but is finally on the come up again.” – says Carter. “Across the entire state, we have a bunch of cool stuff going in every region such as Burning Strong, Suntouch House, Contention, Collateral, and Moment of Truth.”

“There seems to be a sense of unity in the state that has honestly been lacking in recent years.” – he concludes.

Live photos by Jeff Lasich (@starttodayzine)


I won’t forget
the memories
your impact
it’s not the same
wait for the day I see your face

Even though you’re gone
the memories won’t fade
ten long years have passed
and still I’m not the same
every single day
I fight to retain
the feeling of your presence
with each day it fades

Statement of Pride by Jeff Lasich (@starttodayzine)
Statement of Pride by Jeff Lasich (@starttodayzine)

it’s a feeling I can’t remember
but the memories
I won’t forget

life goes on
but it’s not the same
the memories we share
will never fade

waiting for the day
to see your face
in a better place

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