“Streets Is Talking” and more raw skatin’ videos by Ian Reid

Ian Reid, the author of the infamous “Sex, Hood, Skate, And Videotape” and “Tales From the Hood”, who has been documenting one of the sickest shit ever seen in the streets of NYC, is streaming a teaser for his unreleased video “Streets Is Talking”. It’s raw, it’s natural and it’s everything skatin’ is about. Oh, and I guess it’s not too safe for work. Streets Is Talkin’ is yet to be released.

Here’s Ian, telling you about his typical day in his life; gives you an insight on skating growing up in New York:
Here are his previous videos showcasing NYC’s skateboarding, graffiti, women, Brooklyn, pathetic drunk people and more:

Having some problem with the audio? GO HERE to see another version.

Hungry for more? GO HERE to watch a whole lot of amazing skatin’ videos from the streets.

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