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STRENGTH APPROACH release “Carry on the torch” video

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STRENGTH APPROACH are taking one more step against racism and fascism. The band has teamed up with a bunch of their friends from the worldwide hardcore community to produce this DIY video for their track “Carry on the torch”! NYHC legends, European, Asian, South African, Australian and American hardcore veterans – they’re all in. Watch below and spread the word!


The band commented:

After few days since we released our new video it’s impressing how the people react to the clear message of this song.Are you fuckin’ serious when you come up with the word communism in reply to the message of “Carry on the torch”?
There’s nothing which can be misunderstood but apparently a lot of people are not able to use their little brain and keep saying that we are commies or reds for this kinda video when we are not.
Once again the message is loud and clear:the worldwide hardcore scene stands against any form of fascism and racism for the sake of the music itself and whoever is trying to change the game is in the wrong place.
There’s is no provocation in repping a band tshirt when the band itself is clearly against your prejudicial ideas and would never welcome fascist/racist people to their shows.
Pretty crazy to remark this but apparently some people are still trying to step into something they will never understand and it’s important to take a stand for what we believe in.Peace out!

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