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SUIS LA LUNE / SHIROKUMA split streaming now!

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Dog Knights Productions is proud to give you the full stream of the newest exciting split between two radical screamo bands, veteran post hardcore band SUIS LA LUNE and newer emotional screamo band SHIROKUMA, both featured on IDIOTEQ many times. Listen to both excellently written tracks below.

SHIROKUMA‘s vocalist Jonathan Lemberg commented:

“So this project started almost exactly a year ago after we played a show in stockholm with Sore Eyelids. Karl from Suis La Lune approached us about releasing a 7″ split, we were stoked about it so we talked to Dog Knights the same night and they agreed to release it. We started writing the songs late august and soon realised that we could make enough material for a full 12″ split and here we are! Super excited to finally release a part of it! All the love to Suis La Lune and Dog Knights for making this happen!”

The label added:

It’s a wonderful feeling to release music for bands that you mean a lot to you; Suis La Lune have been a god-tier band to me since discovering the beautiful ‘Heir’ record so many years ago, and to get the chance to release music for them now is literally c-r-a-z-y-! However, this is by no means a one-sided release. Shirokuma are my favourite active Screamo band; live and on record, and i can’t wait to see what they get up to next. If you were previously unaware of them (also from Sweden), you should check out the ‘Sun Won’t Set’ LP and ‘Light Dies / Colours Fade’ EP, released by Dog Knights in 2015 and 2016 respectively.


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