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SUIS LA LUNE and their Swedish friends’ equipment stolen; help needed!

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In a Facebook post last week, Swedish post hardcore / screamo band SUIS LA LUNE unveiled that recently they came back to their rehearsal space to find that thousands of dollars worth of equipment had been stolen. See the details below and help the band to raise some funds for new stuff.

We have some shitty news to share. A few weeks ago our rehearsal space that we share with related bands & projects Sore Eyelids, Trembling Hands, September Malevolence, Years Passing & Regnmoln had a break in. We lost a tremendous amount of music equipment that we’ve gathered over the years, a lot of which will be hard to ever find again. Due to the way the whole thing went down we are also left without insurance money while the landlord claim no responsibility.
Hard to say what the saddest part about this is, but it’s obviously going to take a lot of money that we do not have in order to replace at least parts of the gear. After loosing the last bit of hope we had in ever seeing these things again, we would like to reach out to our friends and followers in hopes to get some financial support. A gofundme-campaign can be found in the bottom of this post and any small donation would be extremely helpful and incredibly appreciated in our quest to get back on our feet and carry on with what we do.
Any help with sharing this post would also be greatly appreciated!

GO HERE to help and donate!

List of lost items:

2 x KRK RP6 RoKit G3 monitors
1 x White fender jazzbass with white pickguard
1 x Hagström Swede -73 (lefthanded) with original hardcase
1 x Black Gibson SG special
1 x Electro Harmonix Pulsar
2 x Boss Super Overdrive SD-1
1 x Electro harmonix Micro Pog
1 x Artec Phase Shifter
1 x Artec Vintage Tremolo
1 x Boss Digital Delay DD-7
2 x Boss Digital Delay DD-6
2 x Boss Digital Reverb RV-5
2 x MXR Distortion III
1 x Boss Chorus CE-3
1 x Boss Xtortion
1 x Digitech RV-7
1 x Proco Turbo Rat
1 x Proco Rat
1 x Marshall Jackhammer
1 x Behringer Digital Reverb
1 x Source Audio LA Lady Overdrive
1 x Boss Chromatic tuner
1 x Nonevolt pedals I was a wolf in the forest distortion
2 x TC Electronics Hall of fame reverb
1 x Boss Loop station RC-30
1 x Boss Loop station RC-2
1 x Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff
1 x Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 preamp
1 x Fender CP-60S acoustic guitar
1 x Pedaltrain Classic 2-board with softcase
1 x Boss Blues driver BD-2
1 x MXR Micro Amp
1 x Fulltone OCD overdrive
1 x Mooer Green mile
1 x Mooer Baby tuner
1 x Harley Benton powerplant
1 x Emma Transmorgifier
1 x Pedal board (silver flight case)
1 x Boss RV-2
1 x T-Rex Fuel tank
2 x MXR bass D.I pedals
2 x Korg DT-10 chromatic tuners
1 x Orange Micro Dark 20w hybrid head
1 x Fender Twin combo amp
1 x Fender Jazz bass hard case
1 x Fender Jazz bass soft case

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