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SUNAMI shakin’ the scene: Cali heavyweights unleash surprise debut LP

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The moment has finally landed, hardcore heads – the seismic wave you’ve all been anticipating. California’s heavyweights, Sunami, have drop-kicked their surprise debut LP into your waiting mosh pits. Available for streaming right now, it’s the banger you didn’t see coming, but one that’s gonna leave you aching for more.

Marked for release on June 14, 2023, via the formidable Triple B Records, this self-titled riff beast hits the ground running, blending fresh energy with classic hardcore grit. The Bay Area group has been turning heads and snapping necks in the hardcore scene, and now, their full-length debut is primed to cement their status as a juggernaut in the making.

The Sunami LP features eight tracks of skull-crushing ferocity, kicking off with the blistering “Y.S.A.B” and delivering a pummeling sonic assault right through to the final crushing notes of “Defraud.” The band has tapped into the spirit of the underground scene with a raw, unfiltered sound, courtesy of Charles Toshio at Panda Studios, with the beast mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio, and then mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

The visceral artwork by Kyrylo Lesnoy is the perfect visual accompaniment to Sunami’s thunderous sound.


But this ain’t just a studio affair. Lending their cords to the pandemonium are vocal guests Jaffy, Brandon, Danny, Adrian, and Ian, throwing in their own personal flare to the mix.

The good news? You can plug into this hardcore maelstrom wherever you are. The bad? You gotta wait a bit for the physical goodness. The vinyl LP – which comes in an exclusive ultra-clear variant with neon green and pink splatter, limited to a mere 300 copies – ships out in September.

The CD version, for those old-school enough to appreciate it, should hit by July, maybe even late June if the hardcore gods are smiling.

Sunami’s debut LP is here, and it’s an unrelenting tidal wave of brutal hardcore.

SUNAMI live:

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