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Swedish post rockish hardcore act TRACHIMBROD streaming new record ‘Leda’

Almost one month since the premiere of their new track “All Är Som Det Alltid Var”, Swedish shoegazin’ post rockish hardcore act TRACHIMBROD are back with a full presentation of their new album ‘Leda’, co-released by Dog Knights Productions (UK), Through Love Records (DE), Tokyo Jupiter Records (JAP) and Zegema Beach Records (CAN). Officially premiered through Stageload and (We Built The World And) Miss The Stars blogs, the record can be streamed in its entirety below. TRACHIMBROD have managed to break with tradition while still keeping to the tenets of screamo and wonderfully expressive aesthetics that buzz with authenticity. It’s impossible not to experience goosebumps when you hear this effort, especially after appreciating its value and growth with every successive spin. Listen below and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The band commented:

“I would say that the main theme for the lyrics and music follows a path of delivering a portion of criticism to the negative byproduct from the nihilistic ideas and values we are left with to deal with our selfs in todays post-modern secular society. Hopelessness, confusion and fatigue over the lack of truth, community values and meaning in a spiritually empty individualistic consumer society and material worldview. A concern for the unsettling fascist, totalitarian values that are growing because of the neglecting side of our culture. Trachimbrod is nothing more then a tool of projecting these thoughts and feelings in a constructive way.“

Photo by Fasica Ek

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