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Sydney hardcore pack PHANTOMS drop sick new EP – just listen!

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“Hell Is Empty” is the new four track 7” from Sydney hardcore’s Phantoms, their first new music in 10 years. What started as the band jamming again for a one-off show to celebrate 10 years of their 2010 LP, “As Above So Below”, was derailed by Covid into this new release on Last Ride Records. The band just dropper another new jam, the EP’s closing track “Still Grim”, and it’s a killer!

Recorded with Elliott Gallart at Chameleon Studios, “Hell Is Empty” continues Phantoms’ spin on the NYHC crossover style in the vein of Merauder and Ringworm, just with more pop music samples. The band reckon “Still Grim” is the best song they’ve done, let ‘em know if they’re right.

The official release date of November 25. Records won’t be shipping until around this date. If you purchase anything else in the same order, it won’t be shipping until these are ready to go.

Catch the band live at the following stops:

Dec 9 – Sydney with Mauler, Kid Presentable, Mud and Cherish
Jan 27 – Brisbane with Crave Death, World Of Joy, Knuckledragger and Glitter Strip
Jan 28 – Melbourne with Psalm, Deathbed, Horsepower and Algor Mortis

Find “Still Grim” in our mega playlist with a bunch of hardcore and metal tracks worth a check!

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