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Synth-core artist Marc UÅ premiere new wicked tunes; listen!

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Marc UÅ is the new moniker for Swedish musician/artist Marc Strömberg’s synth-core endeavors. Formerly releasing music under the name Swan Sex, the aim of his solo project has always been according to Strömberg to “mix live drums with analog synths and make really heavy hardcore and metal influenced synth music”. His forthcoming release Horus Torus will drop via Swedish Columbia (El Huervo, Tanimura Midnight) on February 28th in stunning cassette version and digital version, and today we’re thrilled to give you the newest track called “Berried Alive”, an adventurous jam that floats by on airy blips and synthesized sounds given weight by the hyper-aggressive kick n snare rhythmic attacks.

This release is even more frenetic and rapidly delivered than past work. Speaking on the shift Strömberg revealed

“I have often put layers upon layers previously, but this record is more stripped down, and still sounds WAY heavier than most of my previous work. I also put a lot more electric-guitar to dub some synths, which created this crunchy guitar-synth hybrid.”

This bombast even extends in choice of mixers, tapping Jeremy SH Griffith who has worked with such technical metal/hardcore outfits as Norma Jean and Underoath. Draped in a Egyptian-themed veneer (which Strömberg claims as a major influence on his designs), Horus Torus comes in a striking limited cassette release, with pre-orders available at this location.

Based in Umeå, Sweden, Marc Strömberg initially cut his teeth fronting local hardcore-punk notables, Håll Det Äkta. He is also a visual artist, as expressive in this medium as with his audio work. He has been releasing his synth-wave projects since 2011 and in addition he also is a radio host for P3 (which is Sweden’s nationally public funded radio station) and ran a popular Instagram page combining his love of @hardcoreandsoda.

Marc — a p3 radio host, a soda maker, visual artist, and hardcore music vocalist. Emerging with his debut single as his name after shedding his previous moniker of “Swan Sex”. Entering the studio laying down drums and synthesizers to create instrumental synth prog/metal/hardcore. Synth riffs that bring to mind everything from Earth Crisis, Finntroll, Genesis, and Yes.

“compared to the likes of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze—albeit with hardcore soul.”-No Echo

Recorded and produced by Eken at Ljudkross Studios – Umeå / Mixed by Jeremy SH Griffith at Printups Studio.

MARC UA tape

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