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SWAN SEX – “RARÁMURI” video premiere

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IDIOTEQ is proud to present the newest music video from SWAN SEX, an electronic / synth-pop project started 5 years ago in Umea, Sweden by hardcore/punk scene veteran Marc Stromberg (HÅLL DET ÄKTA). Balancing between electronic synths with punk drumming, the title track for his new EP and new music video is a concept work about a tribe of Native Americans from Mexico who are known for their long distance-running skills. SWAN SEX!  “RARÁMURI” is dreamy yet adrenaline inducing sonic trip, combining layers of analog synth tones with bombastic live drumming. Listen below and get more details below.

Marc commented:

During this time I actually ran in these colors for real (I really really like running). The whole record is in “running pace”, from 170bpm to 180bpm. This song is the last song on the EP, and has the highest tempo. I collected songs during this time on my ipod that were all around 180bpm to run to. Since then I don’t run with music, but I still have almost a thousand collected songs in this tempo. This EP is my contribution to that collection.

Shelby Cinca of Swedish Columbia Records and FRODUS added:

When Marc first released this song years ago I was hooked on his project Swan Sex. It was originally presented as just the original running video. With the re-release of this we took it to the next level with some fitting footage that ties the story together. My favorite part is still the fact that he wore the same colored outfit as the Rarámuri with his original footage. I’m happy to give this and all of the Swan Sex releases a new life with these reissues!


Under the guise of Swan Sex, Marc Strömberg has married the sounds and composition of groups such as Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze with the bombastic backbeat of hardcore- punk.  Strömberg himself formerly fronted Swedish hardcore unit, Håll Det Äkta has been releasing music as Swan Sex since 2011.

With this video premiere comes news of Swan Sex joining the artist roster of Swedish Columbia Records (Tanimura Midnight, Brahm, El Huervo).

On August 19th the label will simultaneously release digital versions of the Rarmuri EP, a self-titled full-length compilation of Swan Sex’s work and a cassette/digital release of the newest EP Oro.  The cassette version of Oro also allows Strömberg (who is also an accomplished visual artist) to put his unique artistic stamp on the packaging as well.  The limited edition physical release mimics a CD-R packaging for an unique conundrum design artifact! (picture of the packaging appears below).

Another unique tidbit for this release according to Strömberg is that all of the keyboards parts on the EP were played by hand.  No programming or computer generated arpeggios were used.

Following the EP’s release will be a digital re-release of the entire Swan Sex Discography via the artist’s bandcamp page.

SWAN SEX Discography


In addition to his music work, Marc is also a visual artist/zine writer of note. Here’s an article in the Wall Street Journal about him having the new issue of his zine tattooed exclusively on his body – go here to check it out.

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