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Synth pop infused post punk act DON’T GET LEMON premiere new song & video

Nick, Austin, and Bryan, three ex-members of Texas moody dark metal act FUNERALBLOOM, have started a new synth pop/post-punk project called DON’T GET LEMON, and the band have a new, interesting 5-track / 22-minutes EP coming up on October 10th! Today, we’re giving you a special presentation of one of the songs called “The Crest of a Wave“, available on Spotify and accompanied by the official music video below!

DON’T GET LEMON have crafted a glorious opener to their wotk entirely by their own minds, with vocals drawing from the greats of new wave, dark wave and post punk. “The Crest of a Wave” is a well stitched, atmospheric and hook ridden masterwork coming out just the right way to keep you interested and hungry for more! The track floats like a chilly dream that would emphasize its tenderness even more if you cut out the vocals. The necessary contrast balances warm washes of synths and makes the whole thing even more intriguing and listenable. See for yourself:

We started don’t get lemon right before we took a trip to England, so we decided to take extra video while we were there just in case we moved beyond just demoing tracks. The crest of a wave is the first song we finalized once we got back, and thought the footage would work great along side as visuals to the track. Both the song and the visuals are loosely inspired by Quadrophenia.

We shot mainly with our phones so the video would resemble holiday footage, but used a wide angle lens that doesn’t really fit on the cases in order to obstruct and distort what you’d traditionally view as holiday video.

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Synth pop infused post punk act DON’T GET LEMON premiere new song & video
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