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“A Tale of Two Hearts” – new HEART ON MY SLEEVE song premiere!

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I am super proud to have the opportunity to once again support one of the most impressive and exhilarating European post hardcore bands, the Sweden’s HEART ON MY SLEEVE! Almost two months after the premiere of their immense track “This Failure Is Not On Me”, the band has decided to unveil another track leading us into the release of their forthcoming full length album “In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness”. “A Tale of Two Hearts” is a collaboration with Arvid from VI SOM ÄLSKADE VARANDRA SÅ MYCKET, the authors of one of the most spectacular debut records of late 2014. It serves another dose of profound lyrics and portray every corner of modern, melodic and emotive hardcore music. The variety heard within HEART ON MY SLEEVE’s offerings teases a diverse work of art that will, beyond doubt, fully embody the growth of them as both musicians and poets. As both new tracks blend older energy with newer themes and twists, HEART ON MY SLEEVE is truly an original work that brings optimism to understanding that genuine creativity is still out there.

“In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness” by HEART ON MY SLEEVE is slated for a Fall release through Through Love Records, Middle-Man Records, Walking is still honest Records and Tell Wilhelm Records.

The band commented:

”A Tale Of Two Hearts” was the last song we wrote for the album.
Kalle and Gabriel wrote the guitars one night at Kalle´s home with the help of a couple of beers. Later they took the idea to the rehersal room and finished it with the rest of the band.
We had discussed taking in a guest singer for the record for quite some time and we had played with ”Vi som älskade varandra så mycket” a couple of times and they had become friends. We decided to ask Arvid (the singer) if he wanted to do this with us and luckily he agreed. In the early spring, Arvid and Ina sat down to write the lyrics together. They wanted to make it into a narrated story and decided to make it into a love song. ”A Tale Of Two Hearts” is about two people in a relationship, or more like, on their way out of a relationship. It´s about how their different backgrounds and personalities make it hard for them to make it work because one person wants to stay close, while the other person feels threaten by the intimacy.
The album means a lot to us, it´s the first full lenght album we have ever done and it took us a long time to record and finish it since we have done all the recordings by ourselves in our rehersal room. We all have full time jobs that swallow a lot of our time, but we tried to make this work out for all of us, in our pace.
These 9 songs on the album are all personal with a little different sound to each one of them. Some of the songs were made almost 2 years ago, so for us, a lot of the material is not new but we are super excited about getting the material out for everyone to finally hear it.
We have no special plans booked for the future at the moment but we hope to soon announce a release party in Stockholm for the LP. Keep an eye on our facebook site if you are interested.
Pre-orders will start running early October!

“A Tale of Two Hearts”:


I left the door unlocked. Still I find the you in me. But where am I?
When I left I kept on walking. Giving me room to breathe.
Remember/Forget. Hold me/ Let go. Stay here. I can´t, I won´t
The void you left within me. Fills all the space in me.
Forget/ Remember. Let go/ Hold me. Move on. I can´t, I won´t
I lost myself in you. I found myself in us and together we were lost in each other. I found myself in you. I lost myself in us. We found comfort in each other.
Don´t let go. Please let go.
At first I was terrified of the things I couldn´t see. Couldn´t grasp what was happening, that you opened up to me
Don´t let go.
The fear of getting too close forced me away. Embracing you took everything I could give. It took everything I wanted to be, so I ran.
Please let go.
Remember/Forget. Hold me/ Let go. Stay here. I can´t, I won´t. Forget/Remember. Let go/ Hold me. Move on/ Stay here. I can´t, I won´t
It wasn´t supposed to be this way. I wasn´t supposed to feel this way.
Was it supposed to be this way? Was I supposed to feel this way? Were we supposed to end like this? Either way, this is where we part.


“This Failure Is Not On Me”:


So this is the letter that I never sent you, the words that I never said.

I don´t know if this could have ended differently. Sometimes I wish I could go back and erase every bad thing I ever said.

Still, this failure is not on me.
I understand that this could never have worked out.
You came in carrying your past, as did I.
Every word ever exchanged was always a reminder.
Each sigh, every touch, each glance, threw us back.

You couldn´t let go and I couldn´t let you in.

Remember the hours we spent with The Smiths – it makes me choke.
Repeating the lines of This Charming Man, brings up the scent of you.
And it all ends up in a cycle of absence for a love that could never last.

There was always a part of you I could never reach.
Still I tried, tried, tried, too many times.

Still, this failure is not on me.
I understand now that this could never have worked out.
You came in carrying your past, as did I.
Every word ever exchanged was always a reminder.
Each sigh, every touch, each glance, threw us back.

You could´nt let go and I couldn´t let you in.

All I have left now are the memories of you, of me and Morrissey and with them, I will end what I never told you.

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