Talking about Nothing with Blackpool’s emotive alt rockers bloodmoon

Listen to any of the singles released by bloodmoon to date and you’ll quickly realise that the five-piece alt rock outfit know how to write a song. Hailing from the British seaside town of Blackpool, bloodmoon draw from the melodic and melancholy elements of emo, alt rock and ‘modern’ metalcore in a way that, other than listening for yourself, can be most easily understood as accidently adding a bunch of Basement and Citizen tracks to your favourite 2010’s metalcore playlist and realising that for some reason, it just works.

Since the release of their debut single, ‘Everything Is Temporary’ in March 2021, bloodmoon have gone on to land support slots for the likes of Narrow Head, Redwood and The Hara and with the recent release of their latest single ‘Nothing’, as well as new music on the way, the future is already looking bright for bloodmoon.

Hey! How’s it going and how’s life in sunny Blackpool?

Hey man, we’re doing pretty good thank you! Blackpool is as sunny as ever.

How did you guys meet and what was the reason behind forming bloodmoon?

Most of the band know each other from school, I met the lads when we were 19 at Leeds festival and sort of clicked from there. We’ve always been making music together but wasn’t until 2020 we decided to do something with it. I was constantly writing music in lockdown, it felt natural to start jamming more together and see what we could create.

Can you tell us about your latest single ‘Nothing’ which you recently released a video for?

The concept behind nothing was to imagine yourself going through the motions, you’re not happy nor sad but mostly content.

Someone who isn’t good for you walks into your life and basically messes the whole thing up. Then you start chasing it, despite it being bad for you.

Although equally consistent, each of the singles you have dropped so far have had a slightly different flavour. Is that intentional or something that happened organically?

I think with ‘Melotrauma’ we aimed to create something that stood out and wanted something a little ‘heavier’ but it’s mostly organically, just trying new things and seeing what sticks. When writing ‘Nothing’, I wanted that to be something that encompasses everything we’ve tried so far and hopefully find a sound that feels like bloodmoon.


What’s the music scene like in Blackpool right now?

The music scene in Blackpool is getting so much better than it used to be, we have small venues supporting upcoming bands and artists which we didn’t have when we were younger. Bootleg Social have done a lot for us getting us on shows supporting some really sick bands, it’s great to have venues that are willing to take a chance on smaller bands.

Being from the North myself, I know a lot of the time bands can get overlooked by their Southern counterparts so you must find the success of a band like Boston Manor to be inspiring?

Absolutely! We’ve known some of those guys for years so seeing them grow into what they are now is incredibly inspiring and we’re fans of their music so we’ve been to see them live a few times and seen the crowds continue to grow!

I know you guys have a hometown show coming up in September but what’s next for the band and when can we expect the new music?

That’s right! We have our next hometown show supporting Avarus on September 24th at The Waterloo! We are writing and recording at the moment, we have two more songs being recorded and then we’re hoping to write a 5 track by the end of the year. So, there’s plenty of stuff to keep us busy right now. We’re just aiming to keep playing shows and hopefully keep growing as a band.


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Talking about Nothing with Blackpool’s emotive alt rockers bloodmoon
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