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TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET – “Headbanger” video

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TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET have premiered a music video for their song “Headbanger”.

The band commented:

Somewhere in Texas lives a man with a gift. I never met him but a good friend relayed the story to me,” guitarist Kody Templeman tells Spinner. “It was at a sparsely attended heavy metal show where he saw a dude head banging so fast that he was in danger of snapping his own neck! He told me, ‘I thought he was going to give himself a concussion’ and ‘it couldn’t have been good for his brain.’

I could tell by the way he told his story that he had been mildly disturbed yet fascinated by the whole fiasco,” the guitarist continues. “I thought to myself, If a single man had stirred up these unsettling emotions in my buddy, then an entire house party full of these metal heads would have surely driven him to the edge of sanity. So armed with the knowledge I had attained in my youth from headbangers ball, I set out to write this tale of the breached heavy metal underground. The result is the song/video you see here. Listen and watch if you dare!

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