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TERROR release new double single on Reaper Records, including covers of CONVICTION and ZERO TOLERANCE

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LA veterans TERROR have teamed up with Reaper Records “to pay the ultimate respect to two of the all time greats that shaped our youth,” CONVICTION and ZERO TOLERANCE. “Super fun project. 100% Hardcore. Between the lines, it’s a minute to prey and a second to die.”, comments the band. Listen below and go here to grab a copy on tape.

Living a life of sacrifice, engulfed in what which is pure.
Living a life molded like clay, blind acceptance – no faith within.
Being taught morality, only to see (the) blasphemy.
What once warmed my insides has suddenly turned bitter cold.
The oppression was the hypocrisy which caused religion to fail me.
Spiritually starving, my hunger grew for a life of eternity.
Reaching overhead in search of faith, falling flat – still not in touch.
(But) letting fiction define morality is why religion has failed me.
(Now) I know where your devotion lies.
Right between the fucking lines

You see me smile, but I cry inside
The clock is ticking down.
There’s no more time
I’m running, running, but there’s no where to hide.
All I wanted to do was share some time.
I’ve got a minute
A minute to pray
A second to die


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