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Terrorpop band RÄTTENS KRATER premieres their new EP “Nordvästpassagen”!

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Formed back in 2011, Swedish post punk / alt rock act RÄTTENS KRATER released “Stora stöten” EP on Republiken Bergslagen Grammofon in 2012 and “Bygga upp ett stort berg” LP on Dead Beat Records last year. “Nordvästpassagen” EP is their third offering, expanding their psychedelic soundscapes and delivering a fantastic follow up to their previous work. The official release date is May 13th, but we have already teamed up with the band to give you a chance to hear the whole thing below! Embrace their original intonations and penetrate the mysterious cloak of “Nordvästpassagen” now!

Sickly roots breaks in silence through the bedrock. Sinkholes emerge as reversed cluster bombs in the backyards. The ice sheet rises over the memory of the last public urinal. Hardens over jagged rock bodies and stinking spruce. A suffocating black fund ferment between the tussocks. A new EP from RÄTTENS KRATER is out May 13th. Now once again on their own label Republiken Bergslagen Grammofon. The curious one can turn to WWW.GAFFA.SE on May 6 to witness the video premiere of the track Blocksberg rising. An apocalypse in leather, denim and holy plastic directed by Jonas Peterson. Ants crawl along the nerve pathways. From the nails, over the groin.

“Nordvästpassagen” was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jarkko H. Olsson in JHO Video import & ljudproduktion HB Studio. The record comes out as a 7″ EP, limited to 250 copies, numbered and with screenprinted cover/poster. Buy the record via [email protected].

The band commented:

“This record is alltogether done by ourselves, not pressing the actual vinyl, but everything else is from our own hands. We had good help from a aquaintance of ours, Jarkko H. Ohlsson, producing the EP. Otherwise not into to music, but has a good ear for the apart. To our great joy as Crass aficionados and after lot of work the EP is released on our own etiquet Republiken Bergslagen Grammofon.
On this new EP, Nordvästpassagen (Northwest Passage), we explore the same themes and subjects we’ve done since our first songs. To paint a in all other circumstances petty world in grand colours, yet fundementally black. Hopefully make our own home region, Bergslagen (The small scale Ruhrgebiet of Sweden) a livid, prophetical, biblical land. A land, not of milk and honey but of sweat, leather, hopeless dreams and grovel.
Blocksberg Rising is the day after. The all-male witch sabbath, Gods and men equal, equally wasted. On the 6:th of May we’ll release the video to this track ( at www.gaffa.se). The video was shot in Fagersta by the ex-pat Jonas Peterson (who also did the Narrskeppet video from our last album).
Nordvästpassagen is the futile search for redemption, ending in the mind blowing experience of exploring eternal night. And in the midst of all this all you dream of is cock swinging, rescue bringing portugese seamen.
Frestelsens Berg, in english ”Mount of Temptations”. A rollercoster through the moral wasteland of cheap consumerism, easily bought and sold ideologies, penny-worth of blogger philosophy, a universal contempt of weakness and a equally universal misconception of strenght.
Underströmmen, The stream below. The stream in which we imagine our lives free, the stream that erodes and undermines society.”

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