Texas-based grunge punk outfit GRAVEDWELLER share new EP – listen!

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Will Yip at Studio 4, “Tissue“, the newest EP by Texas-based grunge punk outfit GRAVEDWELLER is out today, and to celebrate we have teamed up with the band for a brief interview about this release and their plans for the nearest future.

Yip’s influence can be heard all over the five-song EP, honing in to some of his former work such as Superheaven and Soul Blind.

Tissue is out today via Acrobat Unstable Records

What does Tissue mean to the band?

Tissus is our first EP back as a band after taking a break thru covid and members moving around. It’s a first step in the direction we actually want to be going in as a band.

Who are the bands biggest musical influences?

Def 90’s grunge and alt rock, as well as hardcore/punk

What can we expect from the band in the future? Will there be an LP on the horizon?

There will def be an LP on the horizon, as soon as we come up with a way to afford to record one. More tours too of course.

What made yall want to team up with Acrobat Unstable for this release?

Our friends in Record Setter pointed us to them while we were looking for someone to help put out Tissue. They’re good people and had some sick ideas for the tapes we’re coming out with.

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