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Hardcore punk meets grunge on the newest release from Ontario act MVLL CRIMES

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Already a punk rock staple in Ontario, MVLL Crimes will be releasing their debut album “You Embvrvss Me” on September 9th via Cursed Blessings Records. Recorded by Kyle Ashbourne (Sugar Shack) and mastered by Scott Middleton (ex-Cancer Bats), the offering is teased with two new singles (listen below) and comes as a follow up the band’s recent EP “Bootlicker’s Delight”.

The band have played an incredible amount of shows across Ontario just this year including multiple dates in London, Toronto, Hamilton, and more, and they have more coming this summer and in September across Ontario.

Aggress against, worship again, new as new is, suffocate me, suffocating.

There is always someone to praise, the demagoguery of modern media makes it hard to see the forest for the trees. Put your phone in the other room, sit back, and soak in the distorted view of MVLL CRIMES. Steal away this moment for your own.

“You Embvrrvss Me” LP comes out September 9th via Cursed Blessings Records.

MVLL CRIMES tour dates:

09.08.22 @ Doors Pub Hamilton, ON w/ Deck Piss
09.09.22 @ Rum Runner, London, ON, w/ Casper Marcus *album release show*
09.17.22 @ Handlebar, Toronto, ON w/ Milk Faction – *Toronto album release show*
10.01.22 @ Pop Montreal – Montreal, QC
10.02.22 @ Revolution 514 – Montreal, QC
10.29.22 @ The Atria Oshawa, ON w/ In Crust We Trust, Almighty Trigger Happy, Random killings, Mvll Crimes, The Slime

The band’s vocalist Jillian Clair caught up with us to give you the band’s special track by track commentary and you can check it out below!



This song is about the futility of arguing with people on the internet. No one ever wins in these exchanges: in fact, everyone loses their time, the most precious resource of all. You are not winning over any hearts and minds by engaging with strangers on the internet, regardless of how long or how well-worded you make your response. This is something I personally need to keep in mind. At times, I am too eager to jump into a social media argument, especially if someone is giving a boot a very rigorous tongue bath.


This song is a return to a few of the themes we explored in our last EP, “Bootlicker’s Delight” (released on Weepy Eye Tapes). I wanted to write a song from the perspective of someone who really, REALLY likes the police. It’s an attempt to take some of the common utterances of police-supporters to their extreme: punish the poor, only bad people go to jail, et cetera. I think this is one of the best songs on this recording: Evan does these insane fills and Pat has a catchy guitar solo after the first chorus. Laurie holds it down with this incredibly solid bass line. This is definitely one of my favourites to perform live.


This song is about masturbation, but don’t tell anyone, okay? MVLL CRIMES is for the children. This song is about self-pleasure when you have a selfish lover, one who is threatened by their inability to make you cum. Sometimes you are your own best lover, at this okay. Great, in fact.


This song is from the early days of our courtship with our label, Cursed Blessings Records. It’s the first song we wrote for this EP. We were asked to send something we’d been working on, so we jammed this out and recorded it on Pat’s phone. All the foods listed in this song are in fact foods I (Jill) do not eat, although the same cannot be said for the other three people in MVLL CRIMES. Pat wanted to write a song using only two chords – sometimes the simplest riffs are the most catchy.


This song is one of the last ones we wrote for this EP. Pat, Evan and Laurie all came up with this beefy, nu-metal-esque tune and I started doing my best Fred Durst impression. I wanted to do an inversion of some of the big Limp Bizkit hits by writing lyrics about how much I love my mom and how even if the value of CDs has bottomed out, they still have personal value. A lot of Limp Bizkit songs are about being a tough guy so I wanted to write something that was soft and a little sentimental. I know it’s one of Evan’s favourites off this album. We wrote this song about Limp Bizkit and then they dropped a new album and started touring. Scowl opened for them! In the ensuing months, at least two documentaries have come out about Woodstock ’99. I’m not saying we’re responsible for the return of Limp Bizkit, but the coincidence is a little startling.


Wages are stagnating and the cost of living is increasing. Material success does not guarantee happiness or even contentment. This song is about arriving at the middle class dream, only to discover you have been alienated and numbed to the things you used to enjoy. It’s partly a reflection of how you can’t put too much stock in material things because there will never be an end to the things you can buy, regardless of how rich you get. Do any billionaires seem like genuinely happy people?

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