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Texas hardcore band BEYOND REACH unveil new self-titled EP

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As teased back in February, Texas based hardcore band BEYOND REACH are back with their new EP, now available via streaming platforms.

Beyond Reach is a recent addition to the hardcore music scene that emerged in the South/Central Texas area towards the end of 2020. They remain true to the tr   aditional hardcore sound, bringing in a sick blend of groovy and mosh-friendly metal and hardcore. Their style is all about thick riffs, mosh friendly changes of dynamics, and breakdowns, giving their sound a strong and beefy vibe. They throw in some furious and biting parts that really hit you in the feels.

Ruben Rojas and Cee Perez formed the band after working on music together for some time. They linked up with Brandon Jimenez, Christopher Almendarez, and Jake Gallegos (who was initially the lead vocalist) to establish Beyond Reach. The band promptly released their debut single and performed at various venues across Central and South Texas. However, Jake had other obligations and couldn’t continue with the band, so Jimenez transitioned from bass to vocals to complete the remaining shows. After the performances, the group decided to keep Jimenez as their frontman and recruited Kevin Cale (formerly with Rain Check and Dozer TX) as their bassist.

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