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Texas screamo act LYED joins forced with Colombia’s VIENTRE for an excellent new split release

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It was three years ago when we premiered the amazing debut album from Austin, Texas based LYED, and it is our great pleasure to give you the quintent’s new split offering, in partnership with Cali, Colombia based atmopspheric post hardcore / screamo act VIENTRE (think JOLIETTE, VIVA BELGRADO, etc.). The new record comes as a vital, passionate, and beautiful blend of poetry, melodies, force and lyrics that are artfully balanced and make a serious step towards fulfilling their potential.

The Texas-Colombia connection started about two years ago. In 2018, Lyed did a tour in Mexico with members of the band Satón, who then introduced them to Vientre, from Cali, Colombia. A year later, Lyed found themselves touring through Texas with Vientre for a portion of their 2019 U.S. tour. Fueled and inspired by a D.I.Y. ethos, both bands agreed to work on a split which was then released in June of 2020.

The 2020 split consists of two songs per band ranging from melodic screamo to post/hardcore everything. They take influence from many D.I.Y. and bigger bands such as Joshua Fit for Battle, Modern Life is War, The Bled, Suis la Lune, Birds in Row, among others. They are the work and inspiration of the past two years of perseverance to keep their projects alive.

Many setbacks were faced not only in the recording and release, but in replacing members to form a solid lineup. A day before the start of their Texas dates, Lyed lost a drummer last minute for which the members of Vientre stepped up to learn and play the songs themselves. Since then, Lyed has solidified their lineup and is looking forward to tour in support of the new split.

LYED band

Lyed is based in Austin, Tx, a city whose local scene has undergone much change throughout the years. There has always been a variety of local D.I.Y venues/houses, and it seems that when one location closes down a new one replaces it. The most recent addition being Unit 108, a D.I.Y. venue hosted in a warehouse. The spot welcomed all types of music on a nightly basis…all for the love of music. However, they have recently been hit with financial issues due to Covid-19 and were forced to shut down. With local support, organizers are planning to set up a GoFundMe to help recoup some of the losses. Lyed plans to post this information on their social media as soon as it goes live. “Moving forward from this unprecedented situation will be rough, but we believe the music community will come back stronger with everyone’s support.”


The split release was originally scheduled for March 2020 with the plan for Lyed to perform at a couple of shows during SXSW, which was then canceled. Lyed and Vientre decided to postpone the release due to Covid-19, and even more so because of the George Floyd protests occurring throughout the U.S. and the world. Both bands include P.O.C., more specifically members with Afro-Latinx backgrounds. The issues brought to the forefront by the protests deeply resonated with the two bands. Both agreed that these events required their full attention and support.

“Collectively we believe the issues of human rights and police brutality need to be addressed and protested until change is made. End Racism. Black Lives Matter.”

Lyed and Vientre had plans to tour in support of their split in 2020. Given the current situation of the world, the bands have put touring plans on hold. Colombia and Mexico are definitely on the radar for shows. A limited tape pre-order of the split is up for grabs at Lyed’s online store, and available for listening in preferred streaming services. Also, Lyed is currently writing for an E.P. to be released at the end of 2020.

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