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TOUCHÉ AMORÉ detail new album “LAMENT”; new song “Limelight” streaming!

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Emotional post hardcore maestros TOUCHÉ AMORÉ have announced their new album “LAMENT” (order HERE), produced by Ross Robinson, and slated for the October 9th release via Epitaph Records. The band shared the first single called “Limelight” (feat. Andy Hull) and special visual created by Nick Steinhardt and edited by Ryan Sanders. Watch it below, see the official message from the band and see some artworks below.

Comments the band: “Our 5th studio album LAMENT is available now for pre-order. It’s been four years since the release of STAGE FOUR and these last two years we’ve worked harder than we ever have to write a record we are thrilled to begin sharing with you today.

We spent several months with producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Slipknot, At the Drive-In) digging deeper into what this band is and exploring further what this band could be. We reached out to long time friends Andy Hull, Justice Tripp, and Julien Baker for some finishing touches. It was then given to Steve Evetts (Saves the Day, Dillinger Escape Plan, GlassJaw) to mix and he gave it the clarity needed to bring it all home.


With as much care and emphasis placed on the visual side of the narrative, our resident art director / designer Nick Steinhardt tapped George Clarke to help express the lyrical themes through art and photography, showcased in the 72 page art book / deluxe vinyl package.
Thank you for the patience and support, LAMENT is due out October 9th. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy the first single “Limelight”.

Limelight lyrics:

We sway like brittle branches
One gust and to earth we come
I’m grinning because I know
I’m grinning just because
Taking orders never suited me
Saying no just for the thrill
but tonight we’re moving slowly
while the cavalry moves in for the kill

I’m tired and I’m sore
I’m not so young anymore
Worn down, but I imagine
This uniform stays in fashion

We’ve poured ourselves in these sweet white dying dogs
Some nights not kissing
Some nights just because
If we hear a crash
We can only expect the worst
But tonight we’re moving fast
While the party resumes the search

I’m tired and I’m sore
I’m not so proud anymore
Worn down, but I’ve decided
It’s open casket you’re all invited

My head in your lap from The wandering blackout
The touch of your hand, you’re the last one to back out
There’s nothing to argue, there’s only a title
The worst’s yet to come well the worst’s not invited

I make separate fists while I swallowed the pride
I am haunting an old roll of telephone wires
It’s not how it was but it’s not getting lighter
The weight is immaculate, the depth is inspired

It’s let in, eyes tired
I hold waste, stop fires
I want hope, faith higher
I’m Lost now, loss tires

So let’s embrace the twilight
While burning out the limelight

TOUCHE AMORE Lament 1 min

TOUCHE AMORE Lament 2 min

TOUCHE AMORE Lament 3 min



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