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THE BRIDGE premiere new video; break down their new split with MY TURN and Goodwill Records (triple interview!)

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I have teased THE BRIDGE / MY TURN split a couple of times so far. Now it’s the time to reveal some details and exciting news! THE BRIDGE are teaming up with IDIOTEQ to exclusively premiere the official video for their song “Too tired, too beaten, too left alone” (produced by RosettaStone)! This is an extra track recorded during the split sessions, it will not appear on the outing. The split itself will be released early summer via  Goodwill Records! More info on the exact release date will be provided closer to that date. I’ll keep you updated.

Furthermore, both bands and the label were so kind to share their thoughts on the split! So in this way, we have another beautiful feature with pairing of Belgrade and Athens’ finest honest passionate hardcore punks and their legendary label, founded in Rome in 1994. The interview also features a guest appearance of  Ica WUTP, who was responsible for the cover art for this split.

Oh, and when you finish reading, don’t forget to check out my previous interviews with THE BRIDGE and MY TURN! Spread it around!

THE BRIDGE MY TURN split promo

Hey, guys! It’s sooo good to feature you again. Let’s get things straight. Please tell me how did you two come to link up for this release?

The Bridge:

Good to be on Idioteq again, good vibes here! I was talking about this in my last interview, so I’ll pass this questions to my comrades!

My Turn:

Hey ho! Thanks for having us in Idioteq once again! We were searching for a great band to release a split with and we couldn’t find a better one than THE BRIDGE! I emailed Rajko and he said yes immediately! Then Goodwill Records took care of the whole project!

Goodwill records:

Hey Karol, awesome to be here talking all together. We have been in touch with MY TURN’s Apostolis for many years, through our distro and because we used to send him records for his zine Keep It Real. Then last year we learned that he was in a band…and a fucking awesome band it was! So we were very excited when they got in touch about this project, we loved THE BRIDGE too, so we quickly jumped on board!

Cool! Is Goodwill Records the only label to distribute the physical version?

Goodwill records:

Well, to manufacture it yes, but to distribute it certainly not. As soon as the record is out we’ll get it to as many distributors as possible. We usually work closely with Ebullition, Revelation, xSentientx, Per Koro, and many other distributors worldwide. In addition to that, we get our records to many mailorders/labels and shops. Plus, both bands will be selling the record at shows and through their own channels. 

My Turn:

We’d definitely get the record available in every distro and hardcore / punk affiliated shop in Greece. Moreover, we have a base of distros all over the world, so distributing this 7″ would be a piece of cake, ha!

The Bridge:

As sad as it is, here where we come from, there’s no such things such as distros or record shops, just a couple of kids who are willing to distribute couple of copies in their local communities, so only way selling the records is at the shows. People here are not used to get themselves a phisical copy of record, and that’s one thing we try to change. Future will show did we try hard enough

Where, when, and whom you recorded with for this outing?

The Bridge:

We recorded our songs in same studio where we recorded our debut EP “… between”. It’s a studio Paradox, in Smederevo. Owner of the studio is friend of ours, so it was easy working with him. He already knew what we expected from this recording. Also we have a special guest on one song, but I don’t want to reveal who he is yet. All I can say is that we are super happy how everything worked out!

My Turn:

The recordings took place at the SP studios and we worked with Stelios Pifeas, a guy we heard a lot of good things about and he did an awesome work. The whole process lasted 3 days at the end of January 2013 and quite soon after that we had the first (and possibly last – due to the awesome result this guy achieved) mixed and mastered version.

THE BRIDGE MY TURN split promo goodwill

Tell me more about the cover art? Who’s done it?

The Bridge:

We were talking a lot about cover before we found the right idea. We needed something that will represent the split. So we agreed to have some old-school tattoo design, I asked friend of ours Ica WUTP to do something for us, and we are all happy how everything ended up. Here’s what the artist has to say about the cover :)


THE BRIDGE and I have been friends for some time and as their new single with MY TURN is all about friendship, I wanted to do what i do best and i draw them a cover as sign of their positive vibe and my love for their music. One Luv.

Great, thanks for joining us, Ica!

What are some of reasons for doing a multi-band release?

Goodwill records:

We as Goodwill records have a long history of split releases. The first one was THIS SIDE UP (Italy)/ WHITE FROGS (Brazil). Then we had DAY OF THE DEAD (Portugal) / THE DAMAGE DONE (USA), AT HALF-MAST (USA )/VALUES INTACT (Italy) and so on and so on. The point behind a split release is very simple. Each band builds their own audience throughout their existence. When you release a split record, you put the two audiences together and give them the chance to get acquainted with the “other” band. In the times before the internet, this had an even greater impact when you released a split of two bands from 2 different continents. Then you had audiences from different continents getting to know a new band. With the internet things are much easier and the physical barrier doesn’t mean much anymore, but you’re still opening new doors for a band that otherwise people may have not heard. In this concrete case, the fans of THE BRIDGE get to know MY TURN and the other way around. It’s the best way to promote music!

My Turn:

The reasons we decided to do a multi-band release are the idea of cooperating with other people, with another band, to bring two different yet similar things together, and in that way getting to spread our music more than a self release. We are very excited to have joined forces with THE BRIDGE, cause we have lots in common, and this split is what we really needed at this time.

The Bridge:

Friendship, connecting bands from different regions, representing our part of the world … just to name few. If you listen THE BRIDGE & MY TURN, you can hear we are music wise a lot different, but that’s not a barrier for us, I’d say that’s advantage for both bands. On the other hand if you read lyrics, we share same ideas, so for us (THE BRIDGE) it was kind a natural to have a split with MY TURN.


Do you have any plans to promote it live? Perhaps a tour to follow the split?  

The Bridge:

The band is taking a short break during the summer due to personal activities, but from September we are back on a track, and who knows maybe a tour with MY TURN could happen. Actually Apostolis and me already talked about this, and we are not far from doing it!

My Turn:

We love to tour. So, we have already booked our summer tour, starting from July 28th till August 13th, and we are going to play at Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Through this we will be able to spread this split all over Europe, and I think that if you release and don’t tour, then maybe you are doing half of what you have to do. Having a band means to tour, to meet people and see different places, and that’s what we love to do.

MY TURN live

Ok, so what’s next for the band? Any new records in the works? Are these tracks appetizers for a bigger release?

My Turn:

The next thing for the band is the split and the summer tour. Then we might do another split, or our own 7”, we haven’t decided yet, but we are for sure gonna tour again during the Autumn. These 2 songs are the last songs composed with our former guitarist, who left the band after the recordings. So we are in the process of composing new songs with our new guitarist Stelios, and it seems to be going perfect.

The Bridge:

Could be! For us it’s about time to record a LP, another plan in our notebook. At the moment we are focused on this release and playing as much shows before summer, and then we see what are we going to do.

It’s been a pleasure, gentlemen, as always. I’m very pleased to have another opportunity to work with you. Best of luck and keep up the good job! Thank you!

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