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THE CARRIER Farewell European Tour [UPDATE]

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THE CARRIER is breaking up! Their last European tour will start on March 10th and the final concert will take place on March 17th 2012.

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Avocado booking comments:

With a sad eye we like to announce The Carriers last ever European Tour. Their brand of powerful melodic hardcore was the next chapter of evolution in their genre. Emoting with a goose-bump inducing fervor unlike any other band out there today. We will miss the youthful passion and discordant melody that has gone on to define The Carrier. With every song they collectively shine, pushing their approach to new heights, and solidifying their standing as one of the best melodic hardcore bands to surface in ages.

European tour dates:
March 10th – Verschil, Herenthout, Belgium
March 11th – Kraftwerk, Oberhauser, Germany
March 12th – Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands
March 13th – Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany (+ Landscapes + Off The Hook)
March 14th – Punk & Radio Luxembourg, Warsaw, Poland
March 15th – Viper Room, Vien, Austria
March 16th – JZ Riot, Lichtenstein, Germany (+ More Than Life + Daylight + Empty Handed + Fellows)
March 17th – Juha West, Stuttgart, Germany

The band has issued the following statement:

Hi Everyone,

We saw that there were some rumors floating around about us, and figured that now is probably the best time to clear the air:

It’s with very mixed emotions that we announce that The Carrier will be breaking up this upcoming March. There are a lot of reasons that have led us to this decision, and it wasn’t an easy one. But ultimately, we all share a mutual feeling that we’re transitioning into different chapters in our lives—personally and musically. The overall mood of the band has changed profoundly since we first started, and frankly, we can’t continue to put forth the passion that we once had.

We were all either sixteen or seventeen years old when this band formed in 2006. After recording our first demo, we sat in our bass player’s basement burning copies, and sent them out to anyone who asked for one over the Internet. Those songs meant everything to us, and we were thrilled that people even cared enough to listen. We didn’t anticipate that we would ever get to play outside of New England. However, since then, we’ve gotten tour the whole US, Canada, and Europe, released two full lengths and an EP, and got signed to our favorite record label. We are forever thankful that we got to fulfill these opportunities. In short, it’s been an extremely unique and compelling coming of age for all of us, and we’ve made countless memories—good and bad. With that being said, we’re getting older, it doesn’t feel right to continue playing songs that we wrote in our mid-teens. And sadly, we’re finding it increasingly difficult write new material. Thus, it only feels right that we come to an end.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way: our brothers in The Bonus Army, Rock Vegas Records, Deathwish Inc, Josh Hynes and everyone at Anchors Up, all the bands we’ve toured with, and, of course, everyone we’ve ever partied with. (It’s estimated that we’ve drank at least a million beers and three Olympic sized swimming pools filled with Jager over the past six years). It’s been quite a journey, to say the least.

In March, we will be playing a string of European shows, as well as a last show in Boston. Details are soon to come. This has been the most important part of our lives while it lasted. We hope to see you all there to give us some closure.


The Carrier
(Dickie, Anthony, Mike, Bocca, Freddy, and Tim)

Read the statement at

live at Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park, CA on June 3, 2011:

THE CARRIER live at Rai8n Fest 2011:

THE CARRIER live at Future Bar, Quincy, MA, October 15, 2011:

THE CARRIER live at Fluff Fest 2011:

THE CARRIER live at The University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2010:

PUBLISHED on January 2, 2012.
UPDATED on January 6, 2012 – the band’s statement added.

UPDATED on January 28, 2012 – poster and more dates added.strong

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