THE CHARIOT stands against Kickstarter / CONFIDE reunites using the same service

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THE CHARIOT‘s Stephen “Stevis” Harrison commented on bands relying on fans to fund their albums.

Stop using Kickstarter. You’re in a hardcore band. Not having money for things is part of the game. Sacrifice and work it out.
Just to clarify, That last tweet wasn’t directed towards anyone in particular. Its something ive noticed has been happening alot, thats all.

Meanwhile, after a breakup in 2010 and a short-lived reunion last year, CONFIDE have announced that they are back together full time and have begun work on their third album.

In order to materialize the new record, CONFIDE begun created a page on Kickstarter to fund it and need $30,000 to record it. They explain:

They commented:

The minimum goal that we discussed and chose for this project to happen was $30,000. The initial sight of that number may be overwhelming, but when taken into consideration that the average album cost (supported by a record label) is anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 (give or take, based on different circumstances), we believed that this was a reasonable goal. Every cent being raised is being poured directly back into this album, as the video above briefly explains [see the aforementioned Kickstarter link.]

Please keep in mind that $30,000 is our “minimum” goal for this project; that amount has been budgeted out to be just enough to fund the entire writing and recording process properly. Anything over $30,000 would allow us to financially invest more into this album, providing an even better record for you!


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